When to harvest tomatoes and when to rush leaves?An experienced gardener adds more tomato tips

When to harvest tomatoes and when to rush leaves?An experienced gardener adds more tomato tips

24. August 2021 Radio advice

Tomatoes are doing well this year. It turns red, orange or yellow, depending on which variety you chose in the spring. Tomatoes really play with all the colors and we will advise you how to do it so that their coloring is perfect.

"Furthermore, many gardeners are playful and breed their own varieties, so there are varieties circulating in Czech gardens that are not even recognized by the state. But that doesn't mean they're bad," notes Pardubice gardener František Hlubocký.

What to do to make tomatoes ripen

Experienced gardeners say that eight to ten vines, i.e. tomato grapes, is the ideal number for one plant. Then they will ripen nicely for you, they are nice and tasty. According to the gardener Hlubocký, it is not a good idea to pluck the leaves when the tomatoes are ripening, because the plant cannot do without leaves and produces little fruit. At the time of ripening, however, too many leaves are a burden.

tomatoes|photo: Fotobanka Pixabay

At the end of summer, it is a good idea to partially remove the leaves from the plants where they shade the fruits. It is necessary to ensure that the fruits ripen well, have a chance to be in the sun and not in dampness. The top of the bush also needs to be cut off, it is not good for more and more fruits to form, which would no longer have a chance to ripen.

When to harvest tomatoes and when to pluck the leaves? An experienced gardener adds more tomato tips

Harvest tomatoes before they turn red

Gardener František Hlubocký advises not to leave tomatoes on the bushes until they are completely red. "As soon as they are orange, I harvest them, put them in a box, put some straw or hay under them, following the example of our grandfathers, and put them in the hallway or even in the bedroom. The ideal temperature for ripening tomatoes is around twenty degrees Celsius.

The ideal temperature for preserving already ripe fruits is around thirteen degrees Celsius, certainly not in a refrigerator, rather in a cellar or cold room.

František Hlubocký

The Pardubice gardener was born in 1949. His grandmother in Lozice took him to the garden as a child. She grew everything. He graduated from the Secondary School of Horticulture in Mělník, and started his career as a florist at the Municipal Services of Pardubice. Currently, he has a family gardening business with his son and wife. He likes dogs, mountains and music.

At the end of August is the best time for August propagation of geraniums. How to do it? You will find out in the recording of the show.

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