Never summon demons, warns a professional ghost hunter

Never summon demons, warns a professional ghost hunter

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When did you first encounter a ghost or a paranormal phenomenon? The older son suffered from appendicitis in the 1990s and developed leukemia after surgery. We decided without hesitation to fight it and, in agreement with the primary, we combined healing with classical medicine. We worked on it biotronically, charged it with positive energy and used herbs. Through hard work, which lasted three years, our son successfully recovered from it and is now healthy. When my son lost his life due to appendicitis, my deceased grandmother appeared to me in the study. She pointed me toward the next room, and I subconsciously heard a voice telling me that my son was in danger. When we entered the room, the son was already in big trouble and we immediately went to the hospital. He was released after seven days, so we already thought everything would be fine. However, my grandmother reappeared to me and said that her son was in danger of death. That was the leukemia.

And when did you become a ghost hunter? Since 2002, American groups of ghost and ghost hunters have begun to appear on various television channels at the time. One of those groups was called the Trans Atlantic Paranormal Society. And I was very interested in it. I connected with my friend, who speaks perfect American English, and we called one of the members of this group in the USA. I told him I would like to join them and what I should do about it. After an hour-long interview, we agreed that it was useless to join their team behind the big puddle, but that we should form our party here. In 2005, they sent me a K2-Ghostmeter as a gift. At that time, it was the first such machine to detect paraevels in Europe. We started looking for night-vision cameras and other equipment according to their model. At that time, I invested all my family savings into it. I ordered a device directly from a company in the USA that can detect fluctuations in the electromagnetic field, as well as electric fields and microwaves. It was made to order and I use it to this day. But people often imagine that we sometimes hunt ghosts in cemeteries or old abandoned houses. It is not like that. We deal directly with people who have problems with paranormal symptoms.

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What exactly is such a paranormal phenomenon? It is a phenomenon that deviates from a scientific point of view. However, many seemingly incomprehensible things can also be explained technically. Today, I can responsibly say that 90 percent of such phenomena are related to something else. These can be various technical reasons. There is a wide range of such, for example the action of infrasound from groundwater, increased radon concentration and radioactivity. Electronic smog and wi-fi also affect mental well-being. Paraeva are manifestations of entities or souls that remained here after death for some reason. Recently, a large number of them remain here, as cremation ceremonies are mostly performed, where the liturgy and the important farewell to the soul are lacking in the farewell. We will take care of the body, but not the soul anymore. There is a lack of a liturgical ritual, which is set directly for the souls to go to light.

The number of entities is rising because people have no time or appetite for the liturgy? No, I believe it is because people have lost faith in God or in some system or order that affects us all without distinction. There are different categories of entities: the first are the so-called sedentary souls. It is a residual energy after someone who died, but there were traces of energy left in the furniture, in old artifacts, in mirrors and so on. The second group is a bit wider. These are events captured in a time loop. For example, there was a war somewhere and soldiers began to appear there and they marched through your living room. Then there is a group called revenants or returnees. Everyone is allowed to go to light after death, but they are held back by obligations and attachment to matter. It can be property, children, in short, anything one does not want to leave. Or the family does not want to give up. This is often the case with suicides. Most of them also stay here. Unless they are forgiven.

There's a house in the neighborhood where the original owner hung himself, so he's still there? He may be there. There are several levels of communication with this world. One possibility is through some medium.

Are you a medium? No. Even though I see and perceive them, I still use the possibilities of the devices. For example, the Spirit Box PSB-7 allows us to communicate with entities through free radio broadcast frequencies. We always check if it is a random broadcast of a radio station. We ask for specific names and stories, which we verify, for example, in chronicles and archives. Every paranormal phenomenon or activity is the story of a family that lives in that place. It is certainly not the case that an entity randomly chooses a house and says that it will haunt its inhabitants. Plus, they don't even know they're scaring. That's how we humans feel. So the place is always connected with the events that took place in it. Maybe we were investigating in a very old house in the Sudetenland. Terrible atrocities took place there, as the Banderas ran through here and murdered the whole area and strangled the original owner. When we arrive at the investigation site, we must first technically inspect the entire house. The hosts told us that the door to the closet opened on its own, so we had to check the floor to see if there was a need for a cross and the loose board did not lift the closet, which would then open with that movement. Ordinary drafts can also do a lot of that. Then we started investigating. Among other things, I had a dictaphone with me to record the EVP or the electronic voice recording of the entity. Suddenly, the closet door opened, and then we additionally analyzed a voice in the recording, "I'm here." If the closet behind your ass opens like this, you'll skip the bed. It was a terrible feeling because I felt like someone was strangling me. Mostly those who die in some way let us know what happened to them.

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Have you ever been scared? Fear is the basic thing you must have in this area. Fear is an instinct for self-preservation, and if you go somewhere without fear, you don't know what can happen. Some cases are on the border, when they are no longer just revenants, but they are already demonic activities and it is no longer fun. But we don't do that, we don't throw it out. Although, I have to say, we've done it seven times in the past. You must have faith, respect and humility. If one does not have this in him, he should not engage in anything at all. Today, there are a lot of people who go around old houses and start communicating with someone there. This is no fun at all. Whoever laughs about it carols that sooner or later he will meet the dark force. I can tell you that meeting the other party is not funny at all.

What case left you with the strongest experience? The worst is when an entity comes and you are weak. You don't have enough energy. The entity always chooses one victim from the team that is the weakest and can take it down. We experienced a case where a colleague froze on the spot. She literally grew on the floor and was unable to take a step. We had to get her out of it. Sometimes it is enough to wake a person, to give him energy, but sometimes you also have to use the liturgy. Revenants are the most vengeful. You can recognize them by the strange smell of rotten meat, changes in temperature and the movement of objects. People can also have injuries on their bodies. We were investigating a case where a person in the house burned down. Her colleague asked her if she could tell her how she died, and suddenly she felt as if someone had burned her with something hot. When she took off her T-shirt, she had a burnt stain. I experienced such a poke in the ribs of the entity that I flew over six steps down. And that's just because I said, "Look, if you're here, could you speak to us? Can you do something to make me feel it? ”That was at the beginning, when you didn't have the experience, I wouldn't do such a thing today.

You mentioned those demonic activities. They do not like liturgical objects such as crosses. When you place the sacred crosses, they will drop them. The cat, when it meets them, starts squeaking, lowers its ears, will show off. Sometimes even small children perceive it, but be careful. Parents sometimes confuse it with the fact that the child does not have their attention and creates an imaginary friend. I experienced a case that is among the worst, when two fourteen-year-old girls decided to go to the execution hill and summon a demon there.

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Can you tell me where the hill is? I would not like to mention that. It's in Moravia. According to the chronicle, the remains of the quartered body of the man from whom the exorcist had been cast out were buried here in 1520. The exorcism failed, so he was quartered and thus buried. And the girls decided to go see if the demon was there. This creature entered one of those girls and hell ensued. I will not forget this case until death. We have it all recorded on camera, but it will never be published. It's not human. However, we managed to help this girl and I have already said that I will never do it again. This is the work of the church.

Do entities always have to be bad? Isn't there a need for a good spirit? They don't always have to be bad, they always scare you, whether they're good or bad. The speech is the same. This is often reflected in the reconstruction of the house, when the walls are knocked down and the beams are cleaned. Ancestors may be present in the house and do not agree with the reconstruction. They are already manifested during work, when, for example, the grinder itself starts, the workers start to honk the car and so on. When people contact us for help, I first try to advise them on the measures already taken by our ancestors. For example, salt around the door sills and on window sills. Coarse-grained salt crystals form negatively charged ions. When paranormal activities occur, large amounts of positively charged ions appear.

What does your motto actually mean? We help the living to help the dead, and we help the dead so that the living can be helped. We do not hunt ghosts, we try to help them so that they can go out into the light. When the soul does not leave, it will remain in our world and learn from the more advanced. It is beautifully depicted in the film Ghost or City of Angels. As I have already said, the soul does not leave because the liturgy is lacking. When my grandfather died, she kept a guard at the dead. Candles were lit by the bed and the whole family gathered. In Šumava and Germany, the dead were exhibited on mortal boards. It was respect and farewell to the dead. We use Psalms 23 and 26 of the King James Version in our rituals, which we read seven times. I also made a video that those interested can find on my YouTube channel.

You said that phenomena are connected with places of tragedy. What about Lidice or the Auschwitz concentration camp? So it must be terrible there? Auschwitz is clear, this is without comment. We also went to see the Flossenbürg concentration camp, or I was in Buchenwald and in Dachau. It's just there. It is also clear in Lidice, the same in Ležáky. We have the Slavkov battlefield here not far from Brno. How many times have we dealt with people in the house. These soldiers are constantly excited to keep fighting, indefinitely. That's the time loop.

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So shooting in men is still repeated in Lidice? You could say yes. This can be repeated in a time loop.

How are you doing with it? We have one principle: no one on the team takes these things home. Never, because otherwise my whole neighborhood and everyone would have to move out.

What is the investigation procedure? We always start by listening to people, we need to know their story. We want to hear when it started, what happened, how it turned out. We are mainly interested in what preceded it. Subsequently, we will technically examine the house and start communication using our devices.

Can paranormal activities occur at any time? Having lived in the house for ten years, can it start with nothing? Something would start to happen, for example, when a person who was haunting his household moves in with you, and the man in front of them ran to your house. Or when someone at your house is playing and summoning ghosts. People underestimate this a lot. However, entities are not only in households, they are also in offices, in churches, they can appear anywhere.

Maybe at castles? But it has its color in castles. For example, at Svojanov Castle we had the opportunity to communicate with little Kateřinka, on whom a vault fell. She communicated nicely with us and even her mother called us and said to us: "The baby has to go to bed."

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It is also said that he haunts Houska. But there are no activities. The bun is known mystically, but we did not experience or detect any manifestations there. But maybe in Landštejn. It's not enough to wonder there. Or we took 86 suicide victims out of Macoch's abyss. We were invited there. It suddenly became very cold that the cameraman's lens froze. Technology and batteries burned down there. We all introduced ourselves to the communication and the EVP record. Then we found out that it was really the names of people who jumped into the abyss and ended their lives. Or a case from Mariánské Lázně, where we investigated in 2015. A soldier walked on the grounds of an old farm and eight children ran in the kitchen. A monument to the victims of the war stood in front of the farm, but somehow we didn't pay attention. But what we noticed was that in the mine in the room hung a picture of a soldier in a uniform from the First World War. When we started communicating with him, he told us his name, and when we asked him why he was here, he referred us to the picture. I took it off the wall and it said on the other side: Give me back my son, Mom. The owners found the picture under the floor during the reconstruction in the attic and by hanging it on the wall, they attracted his spirit. According to the chronicle, we found out that those children all died of typhus. We took them to the light and it was quiet. Then we are happy about that. And we found the soldier's name written on the memorial in front of the farm. But sometimes it doesn't work either. If they do not want to, we must not force them. These are not demons to cast them out. It is more a request, an offer and a promise that everything will be fine. How many times have the entities pointed out that there is a great dispute between the spouses and the great-grandfather or great-grandmother will get involved in this way.

If I want to get a divorce, maybe my grandfather's great-grandfather will come and deal with it? It could happen, but certain conditions would have to be created. That means if you had his urn there, for example. Because he's watching over you. Mostly grandfather and grandmother look after their grandchildren. If they were not taken away with the help of the liturgy.

What does such a diversion look like? We use incense smoking, following the example of our ancestors. However, the only one who can ask the entity to leave is the family, because it is guarding the family. You also need to energize these people and give them hope and faith. They have to believe that the problem will be solved. I would advise readers, if they are faced with such a thing, not to be afraid. Contact me. I will listen to everyone, I will advise you on some measures or we will agree on another solution. If they are entities, help can always be found, but it is up to us to believe that it can be solved.

Jaroslav Drábek He has been involved in ghost hunting for seventeen years. During this time he has experienced countless cases in which he has helped many people. But it also helps those who did not leave this world after death. This is the motto of his entire group: We help the living to help the dead, and we help the dead to help the living! He comes from Šlapanice near Brno. His field and occupation is mainly dowsing, personality development courses and measurement of geopathogenic and pathogenic zones. He also deals with healing, which has been his hobby for 30 years. He sees the solution of paranormal phenomena as his mission and help to people, for which he also takes no reward.