Print font size We select tiles for a small bathroom.9 ideas that will excite you

Print font size We select tiles for a small bathroom.9 ideas that will excite you

Renovating a bathroom can be a pleasantly adrenaline-filled experience, but it can also very easily turn into a nightmare, especially when things don't go according to plan. But you can also experience difficult moments during the renovation - for example, when you have to decide how to paint the walls, what equipment to buy and what tiles to choose. The last decision is the most important because you can replace everything else, but the tiles are permanent.

Especially in the case of small or fragmented bathrooms, the design of the tiles is important, because it will either help the space or greatly harm it. When choosing, focus not only on the color, but also on the shape or size. It's a big decision that, when you finally make it, will move your renovation significantly toward its goal and make designing the rest of the space a breeze. We have several ideas for you on how to use tiles to the advantage of a small bathroom.

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Build the tiles into patterns

White rectangular tiles can be incredibly boring - when you stick one rectangle after another on the wall. Or you can instead create an interesting pattern that suddenly turns ordinary tiles into a great design element.

You can arrange plain rectangular tiles in, for example, a herringbone pattern, which is suitable not only for the floor, but also for the wall. Use a simple dark gray grout on white tiles to maintain a modern, minimalist vibe that will match the rest of your apartment.

print font size Choosing tiles for a small bathroom . 9 ideas that will excite you

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Choose small tiles to make the bathroom feel bigger

Small tiles will benefit a small bathroom to make it look bigger. This is mainly due to the large amount of grout that tricks both the eye and the brain into thinking that there is more square meters in front of you than there really is.

Save the expensive tiles for the small details

If completely tiling your bathroom with marble is out of your budget, use your favorite design just as an accent - for example as a background for a built-in shelf or on the floor in the shower area or around the mirror . Less is simply more.

White walls, black floor

You can give a small bathroom a timeless look if you treat yourself to black tiles on the floor and complement it with dark grout. To make the effect even better, go for unusually shaped tiles, such as hexagons. Add other black and white accessories such as curtains and toothbrush holders to add even more style to the bathroom.

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Interesting paneled wall around the mirror

If you don't plan to completely renovate the bathroom, it's important that you do something that doesn't take too much work, but will have a big effect. Such a trick is, for example, lining the wall around the mirror. It will be this wall that will create the dominant feature of the entire bathroom and that will attract attention. It makes the eyes go crazy.

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Ceiling tiles

You can create an impressive look in a small bathroom by using white or other light colored tiles with a high gloss, which you stick from floor to ceiling . Glossy tiles that reflect light will brighten up the room, so they are especially suitable for bathrooms that lack a window and feel dark.

Pattern adds depth to a small bathroom

It is not true that small bathrooms cannot afford trendy patterns. If you choose well, such tiles will add depth to the room and visually increase the space. The colors on the walls must then support the pattern on the floor, preferably with the same shades or neutral tones. This way the bathroom will look like one unit.

Also cover the side of the bathtub

When purchasing materials for bathroom renovation, don't forget to include enough tiles to cover the brick plinth into which the bathtub is embedded. In this way, you will create the impression of a space that has been custom-designed. Stick to a classic tile and grout combination and a timeless look so you don't choose a pattern you'll despair of in a few months.

Highlight the architectural details of the bathroom

If your bathroom has some interesting architectural details, let them stand out! Emphasize these unique elements with, for example, strongly colored or patterned tiles to make them the dominant feature of the space. You'll find you love this arrangement so much that you'll find fun details in other rooms to highlight.

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