Swimming in sandpit Poděbrady and Sadská - horydoly.cz - Outdoor Generation

Swimming in sandpit Poděbrady and Sadská - horydoly.cz - Outdoor Generation

We get sick after a long working week, so we slowly have breakfast, will have a storm and only at noon we will start from the editorial office of Horydola in Prague in the garden town.

We start two AGOGS electric bikes and get out of Prague.It takes two hours to finally be out of housing and satellite agglomeration.

We will have a small lunch in the Kounice pub.A thick pea with crispy bread -drenched local twelve came to taste.At the same time we find that we took only one wallet for two cyclists.We will have to save.

We are still on side roads and sometimes on cycle paths if the municipalities have built them in their surroundings.Late afternoon we park at the lake in Poděbrady.Large sandpit is from the side of the city enclosed and offers a paid beach with attractions and stalls.We go around the flooded sandpit and bathe on small beaches under the trees.There's peace, nudists and sometimes a fisherman.Admission is not true here.

The water is almost clear with the visibility of at least two meters.The upper layer at the surface is beautifully warm.

On the second redemption we cross a few tens of meters to the back lake.The water is a little colder but even cleaner and less people bathe here.

BATHING.CZ: Lake Poděbrady

At four o'clock we sit again electric steers and along the cycle path along the Elbe we go in front of Poděbrady and Nymburk to Sadská.We will make a clear joy in the pine forests and descend to the lake Sadská.We still grab the beach towards the village of the last sun's rays and bathe in even warmer water than Poděbrady, but the visibility is only one and a half meters.What would they give elsewhere to have so clean bathing...

However, Diskjockey dials us, who releases his faded hits so loud that ear drums unpleasantly vibrate on the other side of the lake.Damn what the guy can't only fool his coats and zagorek with his similarly affected lovers of a fallen den?What if he threw at least occasionally sculptures or zeppelins in the plac when he had to let go of cut rhythms in the woods.

BATHING.CZ: Lake Sadská

Koupání v pískovnách Poděbrady a Sadská - Horydoly.cz - Outdoor Generation

Then it is getting dark.We have money just for a train to Prague or for one dinner for two.We choose the second option, we will run it for one dinner for one to keep us a small reserve, and go back to Kounice again.The sausage and beer will weigh us, even though the tenth hour is approaching.

We check the status of the batteries, find that we no longer have to save much, light up the lights and lights and delete the lanes to Prague.We park the wheels just before midnight.It was a good day.

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