I love the bridge, the size is just right for me, says Mayor Jan Paparega

I love the bridge, the size is just right for me, says Mayor Jan Paparega

I love the bridge, the size is just right for me, says Mayor Jan Paparega

Source: Diary in September Mostecká festival? Anti -epidemic measures began to release only recently in connection with the declining number of infected.It is unrealistic that we can prepare everything, which means that unfortunately this year the Most and the inhabitants of the surrounding area will lose the Most Celebration.We are very sorry because it is the largest event that the city of Most organizes but can not do anything.It is an action attended by tens of thousands of people and of course no one wants to risk the transmission of infection.

How does Covid affect the city's operation? If we take cultural and social life, the vast majority of them will not take place in the first half of this year.The Municipal Theater remains closed, but we moved the performance to Hněvín Castle, where the theater summer in Hněvín should take place.The restriction has also been significantly affected by sports, but the situation begins to turn around with the looning.I hope to shine for better times and everything will return to normal.

OBRAZEM: Cyklisté vystřídali na Klínech lyžaře, po sešupu jezdí lanovkou

What major investment is planned this year. One of the essentials that should run is the transport modifications in SNP Street, where, among other things, a roundabout will be created.We also competed with the contractor of thermal insulation 3.Elementary school, which is one of the largest elementary schools in Most and one of the last that thermal insulation does not.We compete with the contractor for the reconstruction of the House of the Repre and if everything goes smoothly, I assume that this year we could conclude a contract with the winning entity.Of the major investment projects, it is also necessary to mention the revitalization of the center of the center.Even in this case, the contractor should be competed this year and a contract should be concluded.There are a number of smaller events and include repairs provided by urban contributions and technical services.We try to improve the objects and spaces that Most people use.

The Lake Most lies on the outskirts of Most, near Hněvín Hill.There is a bus bus number 16 to the lake.Source: Diary/Martin Vokurka

Lake Most will experience the first summer season this year.How do preparations continue and what is waiting for visitors? On the lake Most started to go public transport, which is certainly a positive.Seniors and residents who do not have a car can easily reach the new recreation area.As for the services that we want to offer this year with the lake, two stalls for refreshments and the construction of the social facilities and the administrator building are currently being built.The territory management will be provided for us by the Technical Services of the City of Most, which will also take care of cleaning.We plan news in cooperation with the state enterprise Fuel Combinat Ústí, which owns the land on the lake.We count on the fact that the paddleboards, sun loungers and parasols will work.We will continue to improve the background.We invent further activities for children.We talked about building a maze, natural or artificial elements.It's all about the agreement.With a fuel combine we are preparing an assignment for a territorial study that should give the locality the Lake the overall concept for the future.We want the competition to participate in renowned architectural studios because the area has a huge potential for the city.

Most mám moc rád, velikostí je pro mě tak akorát, říká primátor Jan Paparega

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the bridge? We try to improve services, life in the city and the possibility of leisure activities.I think the improvement is to see.The negative side is the inadaptable citizens who find out ten nice things and can live with their neighbors unpleasant.We strive to remedy through the measures implemented by our committee for eliminating and mapping negative social phenomena.The Committee's annual report shows that cooperation with apartment owners and greater supervision of problem tenants brings the first positive results.Now we want to focus more on block 525 in Javorová Street.We will see if there are any measures to work there and whether we will be able to give up less adaptable residents a little bit.

FOTO: Jezero Most má kvalitní vodu. Jeho první letní koupací sezona začíná

Can I improve the image of the bridge?And if so, how?.We show the bridge from the better side and point out its potential, for example in the form of leisure activities.We want people in the Czech Republic to know that the bridge is no longer part of the "monthly landscape", but is one of the greenest cities in the Ústí Region.The care that the technical services gives to this is just proven.We also promote strengths on social networks or on the city website.Regarding services within the city office, we regularly receive awards in the quality of public administration quality.In terms of economic development, the bridge's handicap was one -sided orientation on the mining and chemical industry.As a result of mining attenuation, jobs are loss.In order not to cause a problem, you need to reorient yourself to another economy.

What is the relationship of the city and the film industry? Recently filmed the new series Staff from British Television Sky.We do not resist similar activities.Let us recall the popularity of the Bridge!.Our city was funnyly portrayed, but let's admit that in terms of image the bridge did not do much.However, it still applies that anyone who is interested in bridge in bridge and will not degrade the city has an open door with us.This is how we talk about it with the film office of the Ústí Region.The fact is that the new bridge, which was created as a replacement for the old bridge, is interesting for filmmakers with its architecture.We will see if it will be interesting even after we approach the reconstruction of Repre and its surroundings, because the area in the center is already terribly outdated.

Why do you stay in Most? I was born in Most and my parents come from.Though I studied college in another city, I never thought about leaving the bridge.I love the bridge very much, the size is just right for me, you can walk through a brisk walk in forty minutes.The service concentration is at a good level.Of course we can talk about the opportunity in larger cities such as Prague, Brno or Ostrava, but in terms of cultural activities, we have a quality city theater with a permanent scene, which is not so common.As for the sports side, our leisure areas are unique.Such a concentration in such a small place, just elsewhere you will not find.

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You are an athlete, you do triathlon.Where do you train most often? My heartfelt affair is lake Matilda, it is generally known.I think Matilda is the area that offers everything athlete needs.There is a workout playground and a circuit on which you can run, cycling, skating or roller skis, which quite spread out.This year we tried to make a cross -country skiing track on Matilde's winter, which lasted long and was frequently visited.Now the beach treatment with moths and entrances to the water is being completed.I see the only weakness in refreshments.We focus on this and realize a study that we would like to transfer to the project documentation to improve this service at Matilde.

City Most City Most has 65 thousand inhabitants.It lies in the Mostecka Basin between the Ore Mountains and the Czech Central Mountains.The dominant feature of the city is Hněvín Hill with the Municipal Castle and Lake Most, where there is a new recreational zone.The city is known for the highest concentration of sports and leisure centers in the region - hippodrome, autodrome, Aquadrom, Funpark and three lakes with playgrounds and relaxation zones.Most of these large areas were created by reclamation of coal mines.Trams ride in the city and grown grapevine.A tourist attraction is also the dean's church, which was moved from the old bridge after the tracks in 1975 due to the mining of coal mining.The new bridge was formed from 60.years of the last century on the green meadow as a modernist city.The architecturally most valuable building is the Municipal Theater building.