Fashion icon Gucci and his family.What is reality in the film and what fiction

Fashion icon Gucci and his family.What is reality in the film and what fiction

Fashion icon Gucci and his family.What is reality in the film and what fiction

Je to urážka. Rodina Gucci odsoudila nový film Ridleyho Scotta, pohoršil ji

They found greater support at Maurizi's uncle Alda, whose contacts and influence was able to use the pragmatic newlywed handy.Her desire for power and money, however, gradually deciphered family relationships.When his ex -friend Paul entered Maurizi's life, it was the beginning of the patrizie's fall.Ridley Scott Klan Gucci tells about all this now in cinemas.

A strong drama does not take place

He has nearly two and three quarters of an hour and one would expect to be a strong drama where the creators play primarily the tragic finals.With all the trimmings, as well.

However, the Ridley Scott team focused on descriptive makeup of family conditions.Tells the long -winded, some abbreviations are unfortunate.It offers several erotic courageous scenes and quarrels, but despite this, the film looks like a sterile spectacle.It is dominated by careful period expedition, costumes, cars and period compositions (Donna Summer, Eurythmic, Blondie), here the creators really won, but the emotions did not get to the canvas.

Módní ikona Gucci a jeho rodina. Co je ve filmu realita a co fikce

Moreover.You can praise the actors - Lady Gaga in the role of Patrizie, Adam Driver as Maurizia and especially Al Pacina as Alda Gucci (despite Gucci's family outraged, the real Aldo was said to be a tall, blue -eyed man.Well, Pacino somewhat gained).

Scott shifts to women

Scott presents the noble fashion boredom that balances on the edge of the soap opera.It is surprising, especially when the basis for the screenplay was the book House Gucci: a sensational story of murder, madness, grace and greed (2000), in which Sara Gay Forden recounts the events quite dynamically.

It is also a pity that some interesting circumstances did not get into the film.For example, the fact that Maurizi's murder surprised all, including both daughters who refused to pay the mother's money from the divorce settlement.Or mention that Patrizia had completed six years after the brain surgery divorce on the brain.On the other hand, the film is unnecessarily devoted to the film knowingly pins (Salma Hayek), with which Patrizia maintained warm contacts and helped her find the murderer.

Žijte si jako slavný Gucci. Stačí na to jen jedna výplata

It almost looks as if Scott has shunned the female heroines, which he showed in the previous film The Last duel (ran in cinemas a month ago).But this time at the expense of a more dramatic narration.It is a pity that the adaptation of Gucci's story did not take Martin Scorsese, he said he was interested in the film.Perhaps in his submission he would get a different zest.

And so rather than the Gucci film clan, people will remember the recent scandal with a black sweater and cut out red lips, a creation of the famous brand.He was able to roll up to the half of his face, so he reminded the makeup of American actors from the turn of the century that is now considered a symbol of racist parody.Gucci had to withdraw him after a series of critics from the market.