Stavebnictví – a credible view of construction and materials What to focus on when installing windows

Stavebnictví – a credible view of construction and materials What to focus on when installing windows

2. 10. 2021

Choosing a sufficiently powerful window profile is one thing, but even the best window will only do half the job if you underestimate its installation. Professional installation is just as important as the quality of the window itself.

Whether you are purchasing new hole fillings for a new building or replacing windows in an older house, it is always true that the holes for them must be properly prepared according to the manufacturer's instructions. In the case of reconstruction, of course, the old windows need to be demolished first. This work is worth leaving to the experts. Most reliable window manufacturers already offer a complete service including installation, demolition work, waste disposal and masonry cleaning of the lining. "When dismantling old windows, it is necessary to act carefully so as not to demolish too large a part of the lining, which would then have to be finished, which can not only complicate the replacement, but also make it more expensive," advises Pavel Kašpar, assembly manager of the VEKRA brand, the largest Czech manufacturer windows.

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After removing the original fillings, it is necessary to properly prepare the construction openings according to the manufacturer's instructions. New windows and doors always need to be installed in prepared, cleaned openings, both in renovations and in new buildings. The entire opening must have a smooth and cohesive surface free of dirt, so that the window can be seated correctly and then the connection joint between the cladding and the window frame can be treated. "Windows are most easily installed in monolithic concrete walls, which are smooth after the formwork is removed. It creates an ideal base, into which the frames are easily anchored, and the window can be installed without any further construction modifications," says Pavel Kašpar from VEKRA. For bricks and concrete blocks, the surface of which is not flat due to the end blocks, it is ideal to use the end brick version, or to smooth the blocks to one level with a layer of gray construction sealant. Before installing the windows themselves, you need to consult with an expert about the depth of the window installation in the casement, depending on whether the house will still be warmed or not. Also, on the construction site, a horizontal line should be marked for the correct installation of elements that are connected to the floor.

The base profile will help minimize the risk of the floor cooling around large-format elements.

Replacing windows in an older house

As part of the reconstruction of the original house, new windows are installed gradually, so there is no risk that the building will remain open overnight. However, it is necessary to properly prepare the house for it. “Provide a clear access path for the installers from the road to the house and make room for any heavy equipment if it needs to be used. In the case of apartment buildings, it could happen that the technicians simply cannot turn up in the inner corridor and the assembly will have to be carried out from the outside with the help of a crane or scaffolding. And that needs to be built somewhere," notes Pavel Kašpar. Also, clear at least one meter of space in front of the window, ensure a smooth passage to it, and place cardboard, newspaper or plastic on the access paths. Also cover all furniture and other fixtures to protect them from dirt.

A reputable window supplier should provide you with the above information at the latest when concluding a contract for the work. "If you have decided on modern large-format elements, for which the opening will need to be enlarged and the lintel replaced, leave this work to a professional construction company so that you do not disturb the statics of the house with a layman's modification. The increase of the opening only in height can be done directly by our installers, as window suppliers, after prior agreement," adds the manager from VEKRA. At the same time, they will take care of the rough cleaning of debris.

During installation, it is important not only to fit correctly, but also to underlay the profile, fix the window of the building opening and especially treat the connection joint. should always be performed by a professional. "It is important to properly install, underlay, fix the window into the building opening and especially treat the connecting joint. Its composition must guarantee permanent thermal and sound insulation and prevent the penetration of air humidity from the interior into the space of the connection joint, so that thermal bridges do not form and moisture does not condense on the internal plaster of the lining," points out Pavel Kašpar. The space of the connection joint is filled as standard with mounting polyurethane foam, which has very good thermal insulation properties. In addition, the correct technology of its processing plays an important role, which must be observed.

A very common offense that can be encountered on construction sites is leaving the assembly foam exposed for a long time, which is thus exposed to the effects of the weather. This leads to its degradation and loss of its insulating properties, so it is necessary to cover the foam as quickly as possible, both from the exterior and from the interior. "A vapor barrier foil is glued to the window frame from the inside, preventing the penetration of atmospheric moisture from the interior into the area of ​​the connection joint, and thus also into the mounting foam. A foil is glued to the exterior side, which is vapor-permeable, but at the same time waterproof. It lets any built-in moisture out of the area of ​​the connection joint and at the same time prevents the ingress of rainwater into the area of ​​the connection joint," says Pavel Kašpar. By doing it correctly, you will support the very good thermal insulation properties of the entire window.

Pre-set installation for insulated facade

In some cases, new buildings use a special, so-called pre-set window installation, where the element is anchored to special prisms framing the mounting hole, and is thus fitted in front of the load-bearing masonry. These prisms are then covered in one plane with the outer thermal insulation jacket. However, we must not forget the inner and outer closure of the connection joint, namely a vapor-tight and vapor-permeable foil. All this makes it possible to create a perfectly vapor-tight and diffusive seal in the space of the connection joint and, thanks to the special construction of the auxiliary frame, also significantly better thermal technical properties of the unit - the window is installed in the plane of the thermal insulation.

Construction opening in a new building ready for the installation of a window.

The base profile solves the cooling of the floor

A suitable installation procedure must also be considered in the case of entrance, sliding or balcony doors and recently so many modern HS portals. In the threshold part, which is not sufficiently thermally insulated, cooling of the structure and the formation of thermal bridges can occur, which will cause heat leakage and unpleasant cooling of the floor. "To ensure proper thermal insulation at the threshold part of the opening fillings, it is advisable to have them fitted with an insulating base profile, which is already installed under the lower part of the frame during production. It is used for virtually all opening fillings that have the lower part of the frame at floor level, i.e. for entrance doors, balcony doors and sliding and folding systems," explains Pavel Kašpar from VEKRA. It is also applied under large-format windows that reach to the floor.

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Want to know who will install your windows

In addition to the correct procedure when installing windows, you also need to look at who will do the installation. "Unfortunately, in the Czech Republic it is still a common practice that the seller buys windows from the manufacturer and then sells them to the customer. In addition, these companies often do not even install the windows. In the event of a complaint, the seller very often blames the window failure on the assembly company and the latter on a manufacturing defect," warns Pavel Kašpar. A reliable supplier is open because they have nothing to hide. He knows his products and knows how to handle them. "Our company employs its own assemblers, who we regularly train, and we also carry out random inspections of completed orders. In addition, we were the first in the Czech Republic to obtain TÜV NORD certification for the entire turnkey window supply process," concludes the manager from VEKRA.

Professional installation is simply an integral part of the resulting quality of the installed window, and this process should definitely not be underestimated.

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