Believe or not The largest pregnancy myths or what is and is not true

Believe or not The largest pregnancy myths or what is and is not true

Pregnancy, along with beautiful feelings, also brings various rumors and myths.What about eating and sport?Should future mothers worry about teeth and what is the truth that wider hips mean easier birth?Take a look at the most common claims that you should definitely not believe.

I have to eat for two

The claim that future mothers often apologize for overeating and which is not true at all. At the beginning of pregnancy, the child is as big as beans and has about three pounds before giving birth, so it is definitely not able to consume as much calories as an adult. Despite the fact that unusual tastes may appear in the first trimester, it is important to avoid overeating, which will lead to overweight. The most important thing is to feed the baby sufficiently and provide the best conditions for the proper development. "The basis is always a varied and balanced diet rich in proteins, vegetables, fruits, but also healthy fats and carbohydrates. Once the mother's body does not miss any important substance, it is much more likely that pregnancy will take place at rest and perfect order until childbirth. I also recommend a dietary supplement designed specifically for pregnant and nursing women. Ideally one that has the richest as possible and brings a really wide range of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. It is the richest on the market, "adds MUDr. Karel Metyš, an expert in the nutrition of pregnant women.

I can't do sports

Pregnancy is not a disease, so the woman is able to do virtually everything she did before pregnancy.Of course, it is important to listen to your body and properly adjust the load according to the current trimester, but it is definitely not the case that sport is harmful.On the contrary.Active movement can positively affect birth and also prevent stretch marks.Aquagymnastics or yoga for pregnant women may be a great physical activity in this case.However, what pregnant women should give up are ball sports and horseback riding due to higher risk of injury.In the last trimester, it is important to avoid steep movements and jumping.Otherwise, sport certainly yes.Even mothers who were not active before pregnancy could not be a slight movement.

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I will lose my teeth

Especially at the beginning of pregnancy, teeth and gums are very sensitive. In general, however, if expectant mothers go to prevention and dental hygiene regularly and do not have inflammation in the mouth, nor will it be different during pregnancy. "It is important to be gently performed by oral hygiene, because the gums can be overwhelmed due to hormonal changes and sometimes they can bleed without signs of inflammation. . Thorough hygiene and regular visits to the dentist and dental hygienists are therefore the basis. The advantage is that for the normal two tours of the year, a woman is entitled to one extra tour of the dentist during pregnancy. There should also be enough minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D. Thus, you need to add dairy products to thorough care, or cover the deficit of food supplements. All these minerals are contained in GS mamavit, Déčko is located in femibion ​​and superfoline and Femibion ​​3 is newly enriched with calcium.

I have wide hips, so I will have an easy birth

One of the largest myths associated with pregnancy and birth concerns the width of the women's pelvis.The sentence "You have wide points, you will be born well" many upcoming mother heard.But the truth is that the breadth of the hips has nothing to do with the difficulty and the course of birth.For the course of birth is the most important size of the birth canal, ie the shape and width of the opening in the middle of the pelvis.To have an easier course of delivery, prepare for it by active movement.There are several physiotherapy exercises that help stabilize the pelvis and strengthen the back, oblique abdominal and buttocks that help relieve physical problems during pregnancy and are a great preparation for childbirth.

Advice at the end

Are you in anticipation and do not know where your head and recommendation stand?Then keep in mind that the best you can do for your baby is to improve the quality of your diet, not quantity, and not to be "insured" the healthy development of the fetus by adding a dietary supplement in the form of pregnancy vitamins.