Who was the prisoner number 981?The life's fates of the last Chinese Emperor were full of twists

Who was the prisoner number 981?The life's fates of the last Chinese Emperor were full of twists

Pchu i.was born into the Manchurian family Aisin Giooro, who ruled the Qing empire from 1636 until 1912, ie almost three hundred years.The territory she dominated included Manchuria, Mongolia, China, Tibet and the Sinjiang area.So it was a very powerful dynasty and it would hardly be assumed how easy it will be to overthrow her last representative from the throne. Stalo se tak v roce 1912 a tím, kdo musel sestoupit z pozice císaře mezi prostý lid, byl právě Pchu i.He was only six years old at that time...

Three -year -old emperor on the golden throne

Na trůn Pchu i.settled at a time when he could not have no idea of his office.He was only three years old and the coronation took place 2.December 1908 in a forbidden city.The ceremony served as the best and most magnificent environment of the High Harmony Hall.But who would think that the life of a tiny Chinese Emperor was one big and endless fairy tale, she would be knit. Pchu i.had a very strict order and most importantly - was not allowed to leave the forbidden city.So he lived practically in captivity of traditions and then the new regime, which started in February 1912.Even though he was deposed of the throne, he could not look among the people until he was eighteen.

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Two -week Empire

When little Pchu was eleven in 1917, it seemed for a moment to return old order and he would become the ruler of the whole territory again.Was even crowned by the Emperor, but this order should not have long duration.Already after two weeks everything returned to the former tracks.But then the tragedy became a former monarch very much.His mother committed suicide and pch felt lonely.In addition, in 1924 he turned his life literally inside out.

Expelled from a forbidden city

Zatímco všechny své dosavadní dny, na které byl schopen si vzpomenout, prožil Pchu i.in the walls of the forbidden city, in 1924 came a big change.The imperial complex became the decision of the new regime Museum and Pchu with all its accompaniment had to be forbidden to leave the city.The last Chinese Emperor so first in his own eyes saw the Earth and the people to which he was to rule.But it was not a simple encounter with reality because it has lost all the benefits he has yet to use in the palace.Day to day he became an ordinary citizen of a huge country and financial problems did not wait long.He and his two wives therefore moved to the north of China to the Tianjin province.

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Head of state or puppet?

But that was not the end of his unfortunate somersaults.The year 1932 came, the Japanese invaded the Manchuria, declared the state of Mankuku, and threw them into their forehead.Could do nothing else but to submit, but his factual power was zero.Yet, as a representative of the enemy state, he got into the hands of the Russians who took him to the Soviet Union, where he officially became a war criminal.

Home and to prison

Home to China was allowed to return only in 1950.Welcome to the train station with flowers and health, however, certainly did not get.Went to prison where he was to "fix" and understand that the current regime is the only right.After nine years he was a former emperor, now known as prisoner number 981, released on freedom and got a job as a gardener.

Císař Pchu i.had no simple or end of your life.Died at a low age of 61 years of age and found a place of last rest in an ordinary cemetery between his former subjects.Today his urn is stored in the burial ground of the emperors.

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