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Where did the Angel of the Lord shoot?- Horydoly.cz - Outdoor Generation

Kašperk Castle is open to the public this winter from 28.December 2021 to 1.January 2022.

Virgin Mary (Klára Issová) with St. Veronika (Veronika Žilková) and St. Anna (Aňa Geislerová) Bake Christmas Cookies, Angel Choirs rehearse Gloria and Santa Claus and other children.

Angel Petronel (Ivan Trojan), a stubborn awkward and broke what he touches, it spoils.The only one who has patience with Petronel is the Lord God (Jiří Bartoška).He sends him to the stand for St. Peter to the heavenly gate.Petronel judges sinners more strictly than the Lord God even blame him of excessive indulgence.At the same time, he lubricated the cards with the Devil Uriáš (Jiří Dvořák) at the heavenly gate..

He is therefore sent to this world to correct at least one sinner, otherwise on Christmas Eve he will fall into hell.Petronel, disguised as a beggar, leaves among the mortals whose life does not even have an idea.With him sends the Lord God the Devil of Uriáš.They run out at the castle, where the young Count Maxmilián (David Švehlík), drunk and slap is located.His administrator (Oldřich Navrátil) with him with a lot of help Virgin Klíčnice (Zuzana Stivínová ml.) and other subjects blatantly robs.The only good soul is the charming and modest maid Dorotka (Zuzana Kajnarová).

When Dorotka naively tells Petronel what the Earl, Klice and the manager would like, Petronel would immediately fulfill these wishes using Devil's Magic Mošna.He believes that everyone will remedy when they get what they desire.The Earl becomes a rogue about a beggar stick, the key will find a pile of gold and the administrator gets Dorotka for a woman.Life will be entangled and will be worse than strange gifts.

Virgin Maria Petronel will be badly tanned.Petronel will try to fix everything.This will start correcting itself because they think not only of itself but also to others.Asks for help heaven and hell.First, with the help of St. Barbara gets to the Earl in prison.Then with Devil's help get 30 miles away from prison and Maximilian.On the way back to them, Saint Lucie will shorten the night, three frozen holy pancap, Servác and Boniface leave the freezing lake and Holy Martin lend a white horse.

Everything ends well, as in any fairy tale - Maximilian takes Dorotka, the stuck Petronel returns to heaven, the devil will remain devil and earthly justice judges a thief.

Castle History: Křivoklát when we don't see it

Kasperk: Salt over gold

Kašperk Castle is the highest Royal Castle in Bohemia.Rises above Šumavou at an altitude of 886 m.Its construction was commissioned by Charles IV.For the only purpose - to keep the fortress in the inhospitable place with an ancient and very profitable trail where the salt from (today's) Austrian Hallstatt via (today's) German Passau to Czech Prague was driven to Czech Prague.Only later did it be called the Golden Trail, although gold never passed on it.Salt earned much more than expensive metals.

Gold was mined in the nearby Golden Valley and below the town of Kašperské Hory.The gold bars headed for the final processing in the Czech Republic.

During the reign of John of Luxembourg there was a boom of mining in the Kašperské Mountains, and with that it increased from the population of the population.John of Luxembourg could thus involve 600 local miners in the siege of Landshut in the military conflict with the Duke of Bavaria, for which the village received urban privileges.His son Charles IV.He still had the Bavarians for enemies, so in 1361 he built the castle Karlsberg (Karlova Hora), today's Kašperk.At the same time the castle admitted the throat law in the Prácheň Region.Charles's son Václav IV.The castle paid debts to John, Lantcrab of Leuchtenberg.

Jan of Leuchtenberk stopped Kašperk in 1402 Habart of Hertenberk.In 1411 it was bought by Petr Šmrzlík from Svojšín, Kutná Hora Mintmaster, friend Jan Hus and comrade Jan Žižka.Since 1445, Petr Nitrazlik has been a younger private war on the Bavarian side of the border forest, which got into a dispute with the Bishop of Passau.The rampage of the ice cream companies departing regularly from the Kašperk Castle was stopped by the amicable negotiations of Jiří of Poděbrady and Zdeněk of Šternberk with the Bavarian Duke Albrecht III.in 1453.A year later, Petr Šmrzlík gave up Kašperk Castle in favor of Zdeněk of Šternberk.

The Šternberks built 400 meters east of the forward fortifications, which is now called the desert castle.In 1487 Zdislav of Šternberk sold the castle Bohuslav of Švamberk, whose family later acquired from King Vladislav II.Jagiellon's money for repairs and held the castle until 1531.Then Václav Vilhart from Velhartice came to the Castle.

In 1533 Kašperk Jiří from Lokšany acquired.It in 1547 at the Estates Uprising against Ferdinand I.Habsburg, with the help of soldiers from the castle, secured the procedure of Ferdinand's arms from Bavaria and prevented the royal cities in the region to join the Estates Resistance.So the king helped win over Czech status.

In 1552 Ludvík Tovar from Enzesfeld bought the castle.After his death the castle fell to the Czech Chamber.In the second half of 16.In the 18th century, the castle with accessories was gradually sold out until finally in 1616 Kašperk bought the town of Kašperské Mountains.Till 19.In the century, no one was interested in it and the building stone was taken from the castle.Only then did the cultural officials start to beat the alarm and Kašperk is repaired to this day.

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The Golden Trail and the Golden Way at the Kašperské Mountains

Bat trail in Kašperské Mountains

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