VIDEO: Where do you taste coyote?Only in the bronx where the culture mixes

VIDEO: Where do you taste coyote?Only in the bronx where the culture mixes

“Bronx has always been an international settlers community.And the locals welcome the settlers by giving them their home, ”says Zimmern."Don't judge a book by cover and try to spend a little time in the most overlooking part of the city," recommends.

It is interested in the Mexican restaurant Xochimilco Family, its owner originally comes from Mexico City.They serve there according to the recipe of his grandmother Coyote en chileajo.

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This recipe eventually helped him cook Justin Fornal, which specializes in the culinary scene in the Bronx area and knows all the specialties of this diverse and ethnically mixed society.He takes Zimmerna home and gets a coyot himself, of course with all the certificates to catch.

Hunters for coyotes have no use, but when they know how to prepare it is to eat.First they must be washed twice with water with lime powder to soften.Then cooked with garlic.

Dried chili peppers are used in the sauce, whose seeds are briefly developed in a pan.Together with the peppers, they are inserted into the blender, joined by Tomatilly, ie the pussy, pour in water with water.After rehydration, the foundation of a great Mexican sauce is formed to hold all the tastes of the original peppers.

VIDEO: Kde ochutnáte kojota? Jedině v Bronxu, kde se mísí kultury

Then just pour into the pot from the blender and let it gently bubble.Meanwhile, she is frying in a brown frying pan and putting in a sauce where she chokes for a few hours.

When the meat is soft, it grows from bones and wide.With the sauce is served in fresh corn tortillas.Zimmern was shocked by how well all the tastes joined.The sauce was spicy, but too, Tomatillo gave a gently citrus taste and the meat was fine and soft.

Bizarre meals

You can watch bizarre meals at Prima Zoom every Monday evening, reprise on Thursday evening.

According to Fornal, this is because Americans know only a few meals, while in third world countries it is different.There are people used to eating what is available and "squeeze" out of raw materials maximum.

Such examples can be found in the bronx tens, Zimmern will visit the stand of Lechonera La Piraña, who is renowned specialties from Puerto Rico.In addition, its owners support the local community by feeding children who do not have food.

Or another example: A small inconspicuous shop with Mexican food El A atoradorao is renowned for specialties that they sell there while cooking Denisse Chavez.She and her menu got to most guides to New York restaurants.

Previously, every three months of eight thousand kilometers for original raw materials to her Puebl in Mexico, but what was the victim of an assault by a drug cartel, she has been sent by her sister.