The house during the renovation gained an interesting extension -

The house during the renovation gained an interesting extension -

Dům při renovaci získal zajímavou přístavbu

The transformation and expansion of the ground floor were the main point of work on a two -storey house.The aim was to modernize and expand the kitchen with dining room to be connected to one whole.At the same time, the owners requested a smaller, as possible room as possible.Therefore, the architects had it in the interior with the whole wood.

This created a pleasant corner with a large window facing the garden and offering the environment for peaceful sitting, to think, rest, even with a book in hand.

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The house itself stands on a plot that is slightly wider than it is customary.Enters into two partially separate rooms that are arranged behind.This creates a generous hall -oriented hall where the atmosphere of public, open space.

The new kitchen with dining room was now supposed to create a more intimate environment in the deeper part of the house, which will also be linked to the garden in the back.Therefore, the kitchen zone in the exterior is smoothly followed by the terrace, where it is possible to dine in nice weather.

Dům při renovaci získal zajímavou přístavbu -

Especially nice here in the afternoon when they shine from sunset.Kitchen with terrace connects 2.8 m high glass folding door.

From the exterior, the architects very close to the appearance of the original house to maintain a clear contrast between the original and new ones, chose the dark bricks for the construction.

In the interior, on the other hand, the overall atmosphere has changed greatly.Thanks to the rich glazing, even the roofs of the extension, a lot of light penetrates into the inside of the house.The dining room with the kitchen has an extremely pleasant airy character and last but not least cheerful.

The new reading room is lined with wood, specifically oiled ash.The large window frames the view of the wilder part of the garden.In addition to rest, it also offers the opportunity to observe nature and especially birds.The owner is - like many British - enthusiastic bird observer.

The kitchen equipment was arranged themselves, but left the wooden style, the cabinets are veneered, in this case the wood was used.Wood then used architects as a printering contrast to "colder" surfaces such as highly durable ceramic tiles and stone work surfaces.

The rest of the house is organized very clearly, on the first floor is the main bedroom and with it a neighboring study, opposite the staircase is the first room, above which, one floor higher is the second room.

On the first floor is a bathroom with a bathtub, on the second floor with shower.There is a toilet on the ground floor.

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