Reconstruction of 3+1 required four months of hard work, but only 180 thousand

Reconstruction of 3+1 required four months of hard work, but only 180 thousand

It has been about a year since we moved into our current apartment 3+1 in a low -floor house with twelve units.However, our move was preceded by a number of handling and furnishing, whether it was a suitable apartment or then a mortgage.The real estate agency eventually helped us with both.

After all the formalities and after the clerical wheel were done, the apartment was finally our.Now came the launch of the apartment in a habitable state corresponding to current standards.He was in the original condition, the previous owners knew that their housing in this apartment was only a temporary matter for them, so they did not invest too much in its modifications.

To the bathroom and toilet lead sliding doors to the housing.

We have therefore decided to give our housing a new face.Before buying, I had to focus the future apartment for the needs of the bank and outline the new layout of the apartment.

Planning a new apartment

The owners who still lived in the apartment came to meet me, so I had a plan in my hand and we could at home with my wife inventing the future form of the apartment.We wrote our requirements quite quickly and then gradually entered the plan.

We wanted to enlarge the bathroom even at the cost of a slight reduction of the kitchen.It was supposed to be connected to the living room that we created from the original bedroom.

The living room, considerably reduced, turned into a bedroom.Its ground plan is truly minimalist, but we don't need much space for sleeping.A small chamber, where we "park" bicycles and cleaning needs, fit into the living room space.

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When the project was finished, we announced the reconstruction on the cooperative and then just expected the result of the approval commission.The project has been approved, so we plunged into the great drudgery.

The hard work

After previous experience and to save money, we decided to do most of the work by yourself and with the help of my father and friends.Work awaited us a lot and time was damn little because we had only two months for reconstruction to end the rental in the apartment where we have lived so far.

There were four of the two months and my wife and my three -year -old my son had to live with my colleague from work in his apartment 2+1.

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In order to start building, it was necessary to dismantle the umakart housing core and demolish almost all partitions.Only two of them remained in their place.Since the walls between the rooms were made of large blocks, the demolition was easy, after two hours we finished the demolition work.Father as a former miner abounds with great force, so the masonry dropped to the ground like a wave of magic.

After demolishing and removing all the rubble (the container was full of the container capable of holding three tons) there was a huge space in front of us as a clean canvas.Almost the entire new residential core we lined with a ytong with a thickness of 10 cm to make the building solid and kidnap all the load.

On the wall with a bathroom door and toilet we used a double building case for sliding doors, so we managed to save some place in an otherwise narrow hallway.In addition, we got a big bonus in the form of aesthetic appearance.

The case itself was literally a fight with millimeters due to heating pipes in the original bathroom.In the end we had to cut off a few centimeters of the wall to make the case fit there.Other sliding doors separate the bedroom from the living room.

There was no money left for the case, so I made the travel myself using the rail purchased from the manufacturer.The door is hidden in the rung and does not interfere with the open state.

Reconstruction - new partitions were built from plasterboard.

Other partitions dividing the space into individual rooms are from plasterboard, which was then pulled with other walls with a reinforcing fabric and a final stucco plaster made by two friends of my friends.

Rekonstrukce 3+1 si vyžádala čtyři měsíce dřiny, zato jen 180 tisíc

As a result, it is not possible to know where the plasterboard is and where the masonry is, moreover, thanks to the reinforcing fabric (pearl) there are no cracks in the connection of plasterboard to the existing masonry.

When friends work

We have done a completely new electricity distribution throughout the apartment with the help of a handy electrician friend.Not only for this reason, we have reduced the ceiling throughout the apartment to hide the cables above it, so we did not have to get stuck in the walls.In addition, we could freely place light sources that provide points and chandeliers with LED bulbs.The lights are economical and at the same time powerful enough.In addition to electronic, we also made a computer network distribution.

I lined the bathroom and toilet with a tiling of the RAKO from the Textile series and to save some place, we built a bathtub of the Behappy from Ravak, characterized.The shower enclosure is provided by a practical screen.

So we have a place on the sink and a small cabinet next to it.We also fit a small washing machine, which was usually not the case with these apartments.Waldling for us was made by a friend of the plumber.

In the kitchen following the living room, we have left the original kitchen unit due to lack of finances, but everything is ready for the installation of NEW.Between the windows of the living room and the kitchen we have a small dining table with our own lighting on the wall that creates a pleasant atmosphere at the family dinner.

New bedroom with sliding doors

We wanted to keep the original parquet floor, which turned out to be impossible due to considerable wear and wear and missing parquets in the places of the original partitions.Therefore, we called the flooring, which secured the released parquet, cemented holes and then leveled the entire floor using a leveling spatula with a glass fiber designed just for use on the substrates of this type.

The same procedure was in the kitchen, where only concrete remained after the old pavement was cut and in the hallway where the original tiles were tiled.The walkable layer of the floor then consists of PVC covering with memory foam, which makes the surface soft and quite durable.The whole reconstruction required approximately 180 thousand crowns, and only thanks to the work of self -help, help friends and family.

In our new housing, some work awaits me, we need new furniture in the living room and built -in wardrobes in the bedroom.But when we save.I consider the reconstruction of our housing as my life project.

Who wins the bed for 50,000 in the competition

Who wanted to participate in our competition for the best reconstruction of the apartment prefabricated castle, had to send to 31.October 2016 photographs of his apartment (or interior he designed or reconstructed), preferably before and after the reconstruction, including the text in at least one manuscript party related to the reconstruction and its course.

From the competition contributions published on over the course of from 17.October to 11.December 2016, the expert jury will choose the three best.

Vítěz získá postel a noční stolky Nuvolo v ceně 50 834 Kč od tuzemského výrobce Jitona, za druhé místo obdrží soutěžícíautomatickou umyvadlovou směšovací baterii Sanela SLU 37B, za třetí místo pak multifunkční odšťavňovač Gourmet.

The contestants who are placed in the first three places will receive a gift voucher worth CZK 999 for a housing course of your choice at the Housing Design Institute.The validity of the voucher is up to 31.12.2017.

Furthermore, the prize for the best technical attraction will be awarded in the reconstruction solution.The one who gets it will receive a high -pressure Kärcher K4 Full Control.

Note: Posts with poor quality photos or incomplete documents cannot be published, the editors also reserve the selection of posts for inclusion.

The Nuvolo bed has a dimensions of 180 × 200 cm, upholstered Foston 27 forehead, including two bedside tables.

Nuvolo bed: oak veneer without knots, matt lacquer

Soutěž Paneláková rošáda připravila redakce Bydlení ve spolupráci s firmami Jitona, Kärcher, Sanela a e-hop www.G21-Vitality.EU.

More detailed prices specification:

Postel a noční stolky Nuvolo - kolekci navrhlo známé designérské studio Vrtiška&Žák, dominantním prvkem jsou nohy z bukových kulatin, usazené na MDF desce.Price of assembly: 50 874 CZK

Směšovací baterie Sanela SLU 37B v hodnotě 8 020 Kč funguje na principu infračerveného snímače, který spustí vodu hned, jakmile uživatel vloží ruce do snímané zóny a vypne ji, když ruce prostor opustí.The battery also allows you to set the water shutdown delay, the safety function of the running water automatically turns off after 5 minutes.

Vysokotlaký čistič Kärcher K 4 Full Control v ceně 6 990 Kč je vybaven pistolí s LED displejem a s odkládací pozicí uprostřed přístroje.

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The battery works on the principle of an infrared sensor that triggers water as soon as you put your hands at a distance of 0.3 m from the sensor.

G21 Gourmet Horizontal Multifunction.

The high -pressure cleaner is also equipped with a new LED display and storage position in the middle of the device.