My first (and last) experience with AAA AUTO |Autočkář.cz

My first (and last) experience with AAA AUTO |Autočkář.cz

At that time I was circling around some SUV for the winter. Easy entry durable 4x4 with V8 in an interesting design. For US cars, LPG wouldn't matter either, the engines don't mind (so much) and refueling for CZK 15 instead of CZK 38 is completely out of the question. Budget, let's say as low as possible 150-200 thousand. I went through different things from the Grand Cherokee, to the Infiniti FX, I flirted with the Cayenne for a while. Until the Lincoln Aviator appeared on Sauta. V8 from Mustang Cobra check, 4x4 check, LPG check, durable technology check - unlike the Navigator, it is not on air, but on springs, and the technology is from a Ford Explorer. The only thing I wasn't quite sure about was the dealer Auto Diskont, a brand under AAA Auto. But OK, I thought to myself, they will probably try to force me some super cheap loans and packages of extended something, but if I check the car and the contracts thoroughly, it's still just a purchase from the bazaar, you can't sign up for a robo-devil.

Of course, it is not possible to read at which branch the car is parked on their website. Classic, in an interview with their manager, they mentioned that they have so many car movements that they are unable to develop a system that can track it. Sure, now about the Little Red Riding Hood, you just want my cell phone, I understand. The first phone call took place on Thursday and, as expected, without any problems, the pleasant lady on the helpline, the car is at the branch in Prague and there is no problem in coming to see it. I say that I would like the VIN and that I would probably come to see it on Saturday, saying that I would confirm it tomorrow. The VIN arrives instantly via SMS and they readily offer to call me. This is where the first peculiarity appears, the VIN in SMS has only 16 characters. So I compare it with the part of the VIN that is on the Sauto and lo and behold, the missing character is there, but in the middle. This doesn't exactly look like a copying error, but maybe they copied it by hand.

They actually call me on Friday, again a pleasant conversation, I ask if the car will be ready for a test drive tomorrow, I get a positive answer, so we agree that I will arrive between 11 and 12 o'clock.

We arrive at the place with a colleague exactly on time to the hundredth exactly, an hour late at 1 p.m. We report to the reception desk and they say we are second in line, a free seller should be available in 15 minutes. No problem, we'll wait. What surprised me was the appearance and size of the reception, comparable to luxury car showrooms. A few expensive vintage cars, lots of offices, a bistro, sitting areas, Playstations, foosball and the like. So did the amount of people that were there. I would almost call it full, I've seen a few bazaars and car showrooms in my life, but nowhere was this full.

My first (and last) experience with AAA Auto | Autíčkář.cz

After the advised 20 minutes, it's our turn, but the seller's first words don't sound positive: "Unfortunately, we don't have to go anywhere. The car's fuel pump burst and diesel is leaking everywhere." A little surprised, I react: "Well, I'm not completely happy, okay, we're not going for a drive, so we'll at least walk through it." The situation is getting a little more intense, and therefore I'll have to censor some expressions. The salesman replied: "That's not possible in any case .”“And when did it happen with the pump?”“I don't know, probably on Monday.”“You're not serious. I called yesterday and specifically asked if the car was ready for a test drive and was told yes. So go to…”

That was November 21, so I was waiting to see what would happen. In addition to the fact that the price first increased by 10,000 increased and subsequently by 20 thousand decreased until 1.12. nothing was happening when suddenly the phone rang. AAA Auto that I went to see them and if I'm still looking for a car. So I told the gentleman at the helpline the whole previous story and he said he had to ask the manager. He let the music play for a while and said that it was like that, that it was some kind of big problem, and by coincidence the car should be back from the service tomorrow, and if he could call tomorrow.

On the second day, they actually called at the agreed time. The car is said to have a serious engine fault and they don't know if they will be able to get an expert to repair it when it is such a rare model. I replied that it was technically a Ford Explorer, and that anyone who had ever seen America would fix it, but the operator skimmed over that. It is said that the repair will take about 3 months and he does not know at all if they will still put it on sale. Anyway, they should download it from the website today. Unfortunately, they can't offer me any alternative right now, but if I like something in their offer, I should contact them and they will send me a direct contact via SMS.

And the next day the car really disappeared from the offer. And since then nothing.

What can you take away from this? I honestly don't know. The whole broken fuel pump thing seems suspicious. Of course I've heard tales of non-existent cars, but why would they drag someone to a car show if they had no alternative for them? I don't know, but it was definitely not a serious deal and I won't waste my time with them next time.