Dita (39): The repairman was supposed to look at the washing machine, but he wanted to see completely different things. Terrible, I still feel him today

Dita (39): The repairman was supposed to look at the washing machine, but he wanted to see completely different things. Terrible, I still feel him today

She wanted to rest that weekend. Just put your feet on the table, take the book and don't solve anything. But one thinks and things change. "My washing machine went like a monster. I needed specific things for work on Monday, I did interviews with new candidates. So I had to deal with it immediately. I called maybe twenty different repairmen, and the twenty-first agreed that he would come right away, "Dita begins her story.

Desperate women do desperate deeds

In a few hours, the guy really showed up. But at first glance it was clear that everything was not quite right. "He was very strange. It's like getting out of a sewer or I don't know how to describe it better. Unshaven, greasy, washed things. It's just awful. "

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However, the woman was really desperate, she really needed to repair the washing machine, so she let him into the house. She showed him the utility room and locked him in there. "It simply came to our notice then. I didn't get too close to him, but I still felt it. I don't know what the smell was, I guess the mixture of sweat knows what. "

If you don't make me that coffee, ma'am ...

At first it seemed that the repairman would be quite handy. According to Dita, something was still being screwed, tightened or knocked out. "I thought that appearances were deceiving and that when he was working all day, he probably just washed them in the evening. In addition, I realized that he had not originally planned to visit my house, so maybe he just couldn't keep up. "

But then the sounds of work stopped. For a minute, five, ten, nothing happened. "I went to see him and he was not there. Dita logically got scared when the man appeared with a cup of coffee in his hand. "He told me that if I didn't tell him, he'd made his own coffee. I stood scalded, just staring at him. "

It was terribly disgusting

But that was not all. "He sat down in a chair. In those ugly overalls! And he started asking what I had, where he lived, and so on. Eventually, he got up saying that he was going to inspect the house because he wanted to see it and find inspiration. I took his hand to stop him. It just dusted him off, incredible dirt and stink. ”

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Dity's nightmare continued for another half hour. It wasn't until thirty minutes later that she managed to get a repairman out of the house. "I've been feeling his stench on my skin for a long time. And I really just took his hand! I had the chair he was sitting on thrown away. I had the carpet cleaned, the curtains replaced. It still took weeks for the smell to go away. Terrible! ”Concludes the woman.

(in the story, the name is changed at the reader's request, the photo next to the article is for illustration only)

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