Luxury Marina Bay Sands Resort has a swimming pool 200 meters above the ground

Luxury Marina Bay Sands Resort has a swimming pool 200 meters above the ground

Luxusní resort Marina Bay Sands má bazén 200 metrů nad zemí

Look into Singapore, that is to see the statue of Merlion, a symbol of this city state, local temples, port, underwater world or visit Sentosa island, center of entertainment and culture.For many, however, a dream attraction is also a stay in Marina Bay Sands, a hotel complex that has been built and opened in 2010 and offers a wealth of services and as much luxury as only a handful of places on the whole planet.

A hotel whose glory to the stars touches

Because so many superlatives are tied to the building, probably everyone has ever heard something about it, whether in Asia, Europe or America.Marina Bay Bay is beautiful in itself and we consider it one of the symbols of Singapore, since 2010, an iconic hotel with three towers and a terrace in which you can find everything you can find in the bowels, but also in the peripheral partsJust remember.

The hotel offers 2,561 rooms, 120,000 square meters of exhibition space, a museum in the shape of a blooming lotus blossom, which takes place exhibitions of the world's most famous works, 74 thousand square meters and shops of various punching, two huge halls, about twenty restaurants, in which the chefs of well -known names, spas, lounges, dance club, casino at the world's highest level with 500 tables and 2,500 slot machines and other pastime.

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The hotel takes place various cultural performances for children and adults, often there are examples of martial arts, the Bjorn Again show, which will delight lovers of the ABBA music group, and is also fascinating regularly with the laser and water show called Wonder Full.

You will also be surprised by Garden by the Bay, a tropical park with high artificial trees that draw solar energy during the day and shines beautifully overnight.The sidewalk leads directly from the hotel so the whole park is within reach.

Do Garden By the Bay zamiřte i večer
Nic proti návštěvě tropického parku přes den, musíme však dodat, že po setmění je jeho návštěva ještě krásnější. Každý, kdo zde byl, vám potvrdí, že show, která se tu koná a v níž hraje roli hudba a rytmické proměny světel na stromech, je magická a nezapomenutelná.

The most fascinating of the complex is the terrace

The most popular piece of the whole complex is probably the 340 -meter -long Skypark terrace, whose images immediately after opening the world.It is located at an altitude of 200 meters above the ground, its dimensions could be compared to two football fields and in addition to bars and observation platform is placed on the pool.It can be flooded to the very edge of the terrace and look at Singapore with water on the shoulders, this is a really unrivaled experience.There may be 900 people at a time.

Even the pool itself is very large - its 151 meters act as if you were actually swimming in the clouds.From the pool, but of course from any other place of the terrace you can enjoy the view of Singapore, especially the silhouette of its financial center or a giant Russian round with a height of almost 165 meters, which exceeds London's 30 meters.

In addition, there's another thing you wouldn't expect here.Green.About 250 trees and more than six hundred plants grow on the terrace.

100 types of rooms and each of each wonderful view

The hotel has classic rooms and apartments, while all units reach a high level of luxury and comfort.One wall of each room is glazed to be a beautiful view of every day and night and no one is deprived of it.When building and furnishing rooms architects and designers, they were very careful about the use of suitable and matching materials and individual elements.In general, the rooms are made in a perfectly balanced mixture of Indian, Chinese, Malaysian and Western style in which the local culture and multiculturality of Singapore can be found.

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Each room is equipped with bathroom, but VIP apartments are even swirling bathtubs.You will definitely not miss anything at all.However, it is advisable to add that the price for one night starts at CZK 6,500.

In the hotel you can sail on a boat and get on the metro

The hotel is of course a section with shops worldwide most recognized brands.But what you might not expect here is an artificially built channel on which you can sail on a boat and so move between shops.You can also head to one of the famous restaurants on the vessel.

You may also be surprised by the fact that the Bayfront metro station is directly part of the hotel.Well, here thought of everything.

Money, Money, Money.Casino to the hotel inherently belongs

Casino in Singapore is at the top of the world's casinos.And not in vain.It offers nearly 500 table games with different games and betting limits and about 2,500 slot machines, including classic and modern video slot machines or multi-game slots.Up to 25,000 players are replaced every day.

57 floors, $ 8 billion or Marina Bay Sands in numbers

And now a few numbers that speak for everything.The hotel can accommodate up to 45,000 accommodated persons, 3 900 of them can be on the terrace at once.Four days - so long on average, the construction of one floor of the building lasted.The construction of the entire complex cost about $ 5 billion.Currently, about 10,000 people are working here in various positions.

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