Natural swimming in the Orlické Mountains - - Outdoor Generation

Natural swimming in the Orlické Mountains - - Outdoor Generation

Natural swimming in the Orlické Mountains - - Outdoor Generation

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7.8.Results of hygiene analyzes: pleasure - water suitable for bathing, yinolice - reduced transparency, dachova, pecka, Třebouševes, Teplice nad Metuji - water suitable for bathing.10.7.The silver pond Malšova Lhota should be taken into account with reduced water transparency.1.2.Situation on Kladsko Nisa: Former sandpit at the village of Suszka is shallow and clogged with mud from the river.Topol's Zbiornik is designed for fishermen and Zbiornik Kozielno for motor boats and scooters, but bathing does not prevent anything.Jeziorior Otmuchowskie has sandy beaches for bathing and Jezio Nyskia likes yacht and windsurfer.

Pastures: a dam and refreshing in a mountain style

Natural swimming in the pasture dam is one of the most attractive summer goals of all who come to the picturesque region of the Orlické Mountains and Podorlicko.You can end the mountain hike or ridge cycling descent in the womb of the beautiful nature.Steep rocks with a number of natural ski jumps, and dark but clean water from the mountains, attract for swimming and rowing.Even in times of long -lasting heat there is clean and quality water.

The dam is also a paradise of fishermen, which provides romantic corners and quiet bays.You can relax on the main beaches, folk -called glasses, or find your private place to which you draw on a boat or pedal boat.

Orlické Mountains: Accommodation in apartments, cottages and cottages

For accommodation, take advantage of a wide range of options from classical camping, autocamping or guest houses, romance rented cottages and cottages.Food and drink is here at every step, at the water you will find mainly a form of fast food, about the step off the offer of finished meals on pleasant terraces of local restaurants.A little adrenaline will offer you a Pastviny training center.You can try a new climbing wall, archery, or take advantage of kayaks, canoeing and bikes and scooters.Diversification for children are a train ride - pasture express, around the dam.

TIP: 5.July we recommend traditional pasture triathlon and 18.August Amazing spectacle at the Dragon Ships race.

Žamberk: idyll for families with children

The town of Žamberk, called the Gate of the Orlické Mountains, is an ideal starting point for a summer family holiday, especially if you choose the area below Černý les in Žamberk.You will find the most beautiful outdoor aquapark, in addition with a children's heated pool and a natural swimming pool, which uses the location of the area by the Divoká Orlice River.Parents and children will appreciate the equipped playground just before entering the camp and various attractions within the Aquapark, which are free of charge.In addition, the area is all barrier -free.

You can stay right here, in the apartments of the pension, apartment cottages and classic cottages, in the tent or caravan.There is a offer of finished meals of the local restaurant and buffet with a varied offer of refreshments.You can stretch your body in tennis, volleyball or in the fitness center.When returning from trips, the local area will provide you with a pleasant background for relaxation eg.For mini golf, cycling, skates or scooters that you can borrow here to use the cycle paths that are right next to the area.

Or drive a few kilometers further to Letohrad and take a bike or skating route of one of the most beautiful cycle paths through the Nature Park along the river Tichá Orlice to Ústí nad Orlicí or Chocen.You can also connect a bike or skating trip with a bathing in the aquapark in Ústí nad Orlicí, which is directly on the route of the cycle path in the direction of Choceň.

TIP: CAKLE boating camp in Ústí nad Orlicí offers in addition to a pleasant sitting by the river and roasting sausages on a trip, the opportunity to find on the artificial climbing wall or shoot from the bow.Mountaineering equipment will be happy to lend you here and, if you are interested, will dedicate you properly.Children will attract stylish playground, playpen with goats or traditionally built tee-pee.

Orlice: A paddling river

For paddlers, only connected eagle from Týniště is passable all year round, from where you can easily reach between forests and meadows to the mouth of the Elbe.Beginners can handle ride.However, the silent eagle from Letohrad is considered to be the most beautiful for his magic with pools and calm bays.In summer, it is passable only in a higher state of water after rains, ie passionate paddlers for this experience enthusiastically wait.If you do not mind occasional dragging and winging shallows, the quiet eagle will offer you its magic at any time.The beauty and intact of the local nature will make a paddling trip a perfect experience.

Přírodní koupání v Orlických horách - - Outdoor Generation

However, if you do not want to sit in ships, take advantage of the cycle path that almost copies the river flow.Ships and bikes will be happy to lend and bring to the place at the boating camp Cakle, where you can end your trip after about 15 kilometers.

Lanškroun ponds: Summer Surprise

Lanškroun ponds are an important recreation area with a high landscape value.There is no rest at the water and relaxation at the concert of birds, frogs and rogues of curious fish.Long pond serves as a natural swimming pool, there is a public beach with a boat rental and restaurant.Is an ideal place for water sports such as yachting and windsurfing.You do not have to worry about the quality of the local water;.

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The pleasant environment of the ponds also hides a beautiful walking and running circuit with a nature trail.Will you stand in the Cooper test?Try.Cooper's test is one of the forms of stress tests to help you find out your fitness, which lies in a 12-minute run with marked sections every hundred meters and is ideal for start-up runners.It is important for the test participants to run at an even pace as possible and the test ends significantly tired.So we must not burn the beginning, but not even start at too free pace.

Take a walk or run along the local soft trails to Eduard's spring or on the hill Kypuš, where you will be rewarded with beautiful views of the region.Use the wooden viewing platform at the long pond with observable waterfowl to illustrate the right atmosphere.In addition, access to reed is barrier -free as the entire trail route, which is appreciated by wheelchair users and families with a stroller.You can also see the black stork here.

Fishing lovers then look for a short or sun pond for their quiet places.You can refresh and stay right here, in the vicinity of Dlouhý rybník.

The deep roots here have a tradition of training and breeding horses.There are a series of riding stars with the possibility of passing.Horse riders will carry out three nice hippotrases.You can also visit two castles - Lanškroun Castle with museum exhibitions and a new chateau called Zámeček near Rudoltic near Lanškroun.With a little luck, you will also meet the media -known and friendly Lanškroun dean Zbygniew Czendlika, for example during a tour of the Church of St..Wenceslas or when visiting the restaurant U Pastýře, which is associated with his name mainly for the well -known programs of the Needle, which he moderated here.And before you leave Lanškroun, do not forget to visit the long -lived inn of the tavern, because this partially timbered building is one of the longest systematically operated pubs.

Look into the edge

In clear weather, climb to some eleven lookout towers, reward with beautiful views and experience the variety and picturesqueness that Orlické Mountains and Podorlicko offer.Just a short distance from the Pastviná dam will open the far views of the lookout tower on Suchý Hill, which you can also connect with a pleasant refreshment in Kramářova cottage.In Žamberk look out of the cute Tyrš's lookout tower called the Rozálka.And almost like the wings of Orlice you will feel when you climb the silver beauty above the valley of Tichá Orlice - the lookout tower of Andrlův Chlum in Ústí nad Orlicí.

Guest card: discounts for tourists

From July, visitors to the Eagle Mountains and Podorlicko can get free of charge or buy a guest discount card and enjoy not only selected services free of charge but also other discounts.Thus, they can ride free of charge in the Deštné cable car or set off your own commemorative coin in the bell studio.Tourists will receive a contractor for a contractor if they stay for at least three nights or can buy it from contractual dealers.

Info: bathing.CZ and Regional Hygienic Station Hradec Králové

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