Husák has a new spot: After the scandal at the illegal Party of the Godfather Benda will be the director of the police school

Husák has a new spot: After the scandal at the illegal Party of the Godfather Benda will be the director of the police school

"I can confirm that we have received information from the Ministry of the Interior that Mr Colonel Husák passes on 3 January 2022 to the personnel authority of the Minister of the Interior and is to be authorized to manage the Secondary Police School in Prague Hrdlořech," Rendlová said.The spokesperson did not want to comment on the matter because the school is not part of the police and falls under the Ministry of the Interior.

According to the Austrian, Hamáček commissioned Hamáček's management.“My reaction is that I want to immediately announce a selection procedure, where it will be necessary to meet the qualification prerequisites, including, inter alia, pedagogical education or at least a pedagogical minimum.According to my information, Mr. Husak does not have that, ”said the minister.

Husák má nový flek: Po skandálu na nelegální party kmotra Bendy bude ředitelem policejní školy

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Fiftieth of the Teplice Hotel did not respect government measures

This year, Husák was at the celebration of the 50th birthday of the entrepreneur Petr Benda at the hotel in Teplice at a time when the hotels had to be closed due to the coronavir epidemic.In response, he said he had a working meeting at the hotel, learning about the celebration on the spot and staying in the hotel overnight due to fatigue and late hour.

The godfather Benda avoids a fine for the opulent illegal party.There was no evidence, Hygienists say

Husák faced criticism for the presence in the hotel and for not interfering as a high police official.He left the post of police director in the Liberec Region in February after calls from Hamáček and Police President Jan Švejdar.Since then he has worked as a methodologist of the police education department and service preparation.According to Radiožurnál, he was reduced by about 10,000 crowns with the participation of the prohibited event.

Before working in Liberec, Husák could not continue leading the police protective service due to the missing security clearance.In 2007, the Police President retired, among other things, in connection with his role in the corruption case of Biolíh, writes iRozhlas.As a police president Husak, journalists found journalists at a significant exceeding speed on the highway.