Ewa Farna: I want people to feel better in their bodies

Ewa Farna: I want people to feel better in their bodies

Ewa Farna: I want people to feel better in their bodies

Ewa Farna: Chci, aby se lidé cítili ve svých tělech lépe

How do you feel in your body right now?

In the morning I stood in front of the mirror, looked at my belly and thought - well, well.(laughs) But generally I feel good.Sometimes worse, sometimes better.It helped me that I sent the topic to the world that I sing the body about him in the song.In the clip I showed my belly, where I had scars after my pregnancy.It was liberating for me.

I wanted to show that we are the same in some things.Even the princesses go to the toilet, and the singers give birth and leave traces on their body.We are simply people, we are troubled by such things regardless of social position.

The single body had international success.The streaming company Spotify has included him in a playlist through which he fights for the equality of women in the music business.Billboard with your portrait hung in one of the most prestigious places - on Times Square in New York.Did you expect such a response?

It is a shock for me, although of course I believe the song from the beginning.I knew I was doing a good thing.The body had over a million views on YouTub in the first week.I'm happy to resonate the topic.

In the clip, the girls show up as they really look, perhaps in pregnancy, after severe diseases or surgery.It was confirmed that it is worth doing bold things.

I believe that I contributed to make people feel better in their body and accept it with various imperfections.Those who like their body can take care of it with love.

Have you experienced a period when you felt bad in your body?

Well!I always liked my body, but I experienced a worse and better time with him, which was related to my inner struggles.Because I was carried under my heart two years ago, I realized what the body could do.

Psali, že jsem vzducholoď s osmi bradama, obludárium roku, dva polský tiráky, celá Praha se pode mnou otřásá

When I grew up, the hormones worked, the body of the girl turned into a woman, and in the media they spit at me that the singer should not look like this.It was hard.I have such a nature that then I need to go against those who hurt me and therefore against myself.

I thought - Aha, so you want me to lose weight?So I will not give you!I needed to do things in my time, work on myself without the pressure and prickness of the surroundings.

What did the media write about you?

That I am an elephant, airship with eight chin, the monster of the year, two Polish tiras, all Prague is shaking under me ... I thought - is it not possible, do they realize that on the other side is a real man?It happened at a fragile age, in puberty when a girl needs to find himself.

In Poland it was a little better, there may have been written that I had rounded off, but that it still suits me.That's why I didn't make a song like a wardrobe in Polish either, it wouldn't make sense.The song about kilos resonated only in the Czech context.

The insults you mentioned will probably note.

Of course.Until now I have no neutral relationship to food.I have in my head since puberty that it is something I have to deal with.Everyone has some of their drums, it's a little food for me.Although I think I eat healthy now.

Yet it's something that controls me more than I wish.I have to work with it every day, realize if I don't eat more because I deal with something.

The most important thing for me is to be healthy, which I am, and to appreciate my body, whether it is in a worse or better condition.

Didn't anyone read that you support obesity by clip?

An important question.I do not want to support obesity and I do not do it, obesity is a disease.If someone is obese, it would probably be better for him to deal with it for health reasons.But he needs to like it.

We all have a different body - someone is low, others have a wider pan, from birth ears, small breasts.Another has collected scars, whether during pregnancy or God forbids as a result of illness.There are simply things we don't have on.

But I regret, when I see that a big person decides to change, may start running, and people turn to him with stupid expressions.It is certainly not easy for such a person.When I meet someone like that, I can stop him and praise him.

Ewa Farna: Chci, aby se lidé cítili ve svých tělech lépe

Can anyone really happen on the street while running that he will go around Ewa Farna and praise him?

Of course!Just the day before yesterday, I saw such a big lady on the street trying to run.It was actually moving.I told her - you're good, great!I find it great when people try, and it doesn't matter how much kilos.

I have to admit that sometimes I was dialing when the media wrote about me that I was living unhealthy, while she highlighted one skinny model and gave an example of a healthy lifestyle.

I knew she was fetulating, smoking, eating anything for several days, and then she didn't sleep.I lived a thousand times healthier, yet condemned me.

Cítím se být Polkou, ale líp se mi mluví česky. Žiju v Čechách, ale líp se mi zpívá polsky

And beware - it doesn't mean skinny girls are wrong.The size of your health is not necessarily about your health.With the song I wanted to contribute to the acceptance of various bodies.We did the topic from all corners, huh?(Laughs)

Oh yes.I have noticed that at times you move to non -literary Czech, which is mainly spoken in Prague.Do you feel at home?

I'm Polka.When the people were recently census, I wrote a Polish nationality.I feel the mentality on the border of Poland and the Czech Republic, where I also come from Těšín.There are some forty thousand Poles.I have a different mentality than Poles from Warsaw.

I feel at home in Vendryně and I feel at home even here just outside Prague, where I live with my family.I am a village type, I would not want to live directly in Prague, but I like to go to it.It is a beautiful city, it is great for life and tourists, it rarely meets.

Which language does you communicate more naturally?

While speaking, I have long preferred Czech, for singing again Polish, because it is softer, more singing.

They are paradoxes, as you can see - I feel like a pole, but I speak Czech better, I live in the Czech Republic, but I sing better in Polish.

Věřila jsem, že umím česky, dokud jsem ve svých dvanácti letech nešla na první rozhovor v češtině

My mother tongue is Polish, I went to the Polish school.I caught Czech somehow from the surroundings, from television, it was also one of the subjects at school.The problem of us that we come from the Polish-Czech micro-world is that we easily get the feeling of controlling two languages.But then you will find that you can not speak Polish or Czech.(Laughs)

Don't you overdo?

Not exactly.I believed that I could do Czech until I went to the first interview in Czech at the age of twelve.Libor Bouček made him live with me and grilled from me "yes, no".I wanted to say something, and I couldn't.Only later did I talk how I sang more.

As for the literary Polish, I just need to be in Poland for a week and I will go to it.Anyway, they have other people from us.Maybe I am also helping to switch the musician, immediately with the accent.

How do you evaluate the current coexistence of Czechs and Poles in the Těšín region?

It's a difficult question for me.A person who lives there permanently would answer you differently than me.I go there often and I love it there.It will always be my home.But some tension to feel them.

One day I went with our friend bus from school in Vendryně.We talked about our, Těšín dialect.A boy came to us, younger than us, and said: Don't speak Polish, we're in the Czech Republic.He was about six.Where did the opinion take?

It would be nice if new generations were able to take the good from the history of Těšín.Let's appreciate that we have the unique opportunity to connect two cultures, mentality, nationality in one place.I draw on it myself, I was born there, I can do Polish and Czech.As a result, I can work on the Czech and Polish markets.

I perceive it as a great gift.When I am ashamed that I got him just that it was something I didn't have to work.That's why I speak to my son Polish dialects, I want both of the languages to have.

Did some of your relatives remain after the division of Těšín on the Polish side, as it happened to many families?

Yes, a small part of our family remained behind the bridge that connects Český Těšín and Polish Těšín.At the time of the pandemic, the border closed again, it was sad, people have relatives on the other side, go to work, shopping.

But do you know what was beautiful?On both sides of the bridge there were large inscriptions: on the Czech "I miss you, Polák", on the Polish side again "Brakujesz me Czech".It was very nice.(Tears are going into her eyes.) I had goose bumps and I have now.This should look like that.

You often work in Poland.What do you say about the law tightening the implementation of abortions, which has been valid there since this year and evokes criticism of liberal Europeans?

I am a person who always tries to understand the other side.It's hard for me here.I am a believer myself, but I think that faith and values associated with it should remain a matter of choice.Here we are already on the limit of limiting women's, human rights.If I understand it correctly, it should happen in the name of the church.

A woman may decide to carry a child even though she is born with a fatal diagnosis or severe disability.But others do not have it mentally or even physically and materially.And the choice should remain here.

In all larger Polish cities, protests took place, but it didn't help.The Polish society is polarized more than Czech.I believe it may be better over time.

Away from politics.In Warsaw you studied law for a year.Do you ever regret that you did not finish them?

You can't have everything.It was combined with singing for me.When you have to study, create, bring new songs, perform and have a life, boy, friends ...

At twenty -six, I would find out that I didn't do a lot.I speak from the position of a person who has been working since the age of fourteen.If I didn't have it, I would definitely want to study.

I discussed it with my parents, I am so glad that I had their support in this.Together we thought people were studying to have a job, and I had the job that fulfills me and lives.The rights meant a back door for me.

I realized that because of the school I was a significant neglect of the work I appreciate, it was not possible to do it together.I think in my case it was a good decision, thanks to that I not only sing, but I lead my agency, compose and publish my songs.It is complex, everyday work.

You mentioned your parents.Do you have an intense relationship with them now that you set up your own family far from home?

Of course.We do not live close, but we see each other often, we speak together through video calls.Mom rides with me for concerts and guarding the little one.Or maybe I go to Warsaw and I take my mom.

Moreover, she is great that she has no problem to come to Prague at any time, and Dad rides.You are a direct train from Třinec in Prague in four to five hours.Mom has no problem to go here for two day.No such - Jesus, four hundred kilometers, I have for at least a week.And I love to go to them again.I am the oldest of three children, I love when we all meet together, even with my sister and brother.

Vždycky se mi smáli, že chci dělat pop a zároveň zpívat o závažných tématech. Tak dělej šanson, říkali mi

The single we talked about at the beginning of the interview should be part of the new album you are preparing.What will be?

It will be called Umami and I can't wait to come out.It will be seven years since my last album.The name has two meanings - "U Mom" and "Umami", which is the so -called fifth, delicious taste.

They always laughed at me that I wanted to do pop while singing on serious topics.So do the chanson, they told me.As if Pop had to be just a superficial fun without a strong content.I always wanted to have both things intertwined.And in the record Umami, I hope it will.One of the songs is to say about no.In the next I meet my twelve -year -old self.

For me, it is a great success that I managed to sing in a light, pop form about things that I consider important.The album will be positive because I am now in a positive life period.I won't reveal more yet.

Let's be surprised.I would just ask one thing: What do you say in the song that the little, twelve -year -old Ewička?

That everything will turn out well.And if it didn't work well, it's not over yet.But maybe one fifty -year -old will tell me something else and will laugh at what I thought in the twenty -seven.(Laughs)

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