Zahořanský brook, Vltava and Sázava on a mountain bike - - Outdoor Generation

Zahořanský brook, Vltava and Sázava on a mountain bike - - Outdoor Generation

To the circuit along two rivers and one stream we only need a mountain bike and a few hours of time.

Which way?

The route can handle in a nice afternoon if you end up at work or at school.But you will enjoy the trip the most on a day off.

The orientation while driving is easy because we hold on to marked hiking trails almost all the time of driving.

Zahořanský brook: shallow Broda

The car is weaning in the village of Libeř u church.From there we leave the southwest direction along the blue hiking trail downstream.Initially, there is a narrow footpath with a forest path that is spiced with countless fordles and footbridges.

No problem in summer, but we have to be very careful at temperatures around zero.The depth of some fords is about twenty centimeters, so they can definitely recommend neoprene disguises over the shoes.

VIDEO 7 Mandatory and 3 optional Brods on the Zahořanský creek:

Vltava: Vrané dam

Through the village of Zahořany we get around a number of cottage settlements to the backwater of the dam in.In these places we leave the Zahořanský brook and upstream the Vltava River to the confluence of the Vltava with Sázava and further upstream to Sázava to Pikovice.

Sázava: A difficult off -road path

Here we cross the river on a pedestrian footbridge and along the asphalt road we set out on the eastern edge of the village, where we connect again to the red trail and enter the forest.

The most fun and beautiful part of our journey along the Posázavské trail leading through a river canyon is starting.On several prospects we can enjoy amazing views of the meandering river, which is the most popular destination of water tourism in the area of Prague in the summer.

In places a challenging singltrek we continue along the river to Kamenný Přívoz, where you can find several other options for refreshments.In Kameňák again we cross the Sázava and connect to the road number 105.We will get to Jílové near Prague that we pass straight.

Still on the same road after a kilometer of driving we get to the radl.Here we can connect to the green trail and enjoy the final downhill through the forest, or continue on the asphalt through the village and turn left on the left.Both ways will take us back to the village libeře to the church.


To save unnecessary kilometers of pedaling in dense transport in Prague, it is best to drive by car or train behind the edge of the city.

If we decide to use the car to approach, it is advantageous to park in the village of Libeř near Dolní Břežany.The next possible starting point Davle runs a train from Prague - the main station every two hours.


Due to the nature of the roads is the most suitable full -suspension bike for maximum comfort and driving experience, but it will also be enough classic hardtail.We definitely do not recommend a trekking bike!

On the way from Pikovice to a stone ferry, there are many sharp stones on the path and the defect is very common on this route.Do not forget the spare soul and montpáky.

The weather looks almost spring, but on the shores there are still ice caps and in the valley is really cold.So take the winter winter.

Without discussions is the use of helmet, gloves, fixed shoes (whether snaping the treter or ordinary shoes in the clips) and goggles).

Bike around Prague

Benešovbotič Dalejské Údolídoká Šárkadubeč and Sontžnické rybníkyhrusicejevan ponds, here the gold is no longer Karlštejn on the mountain collectionocabakolovratykralového Hradecpitkitkovice and Kuřo -Kralupypitkovice.Voděradské Bučiny II.Zahořanský brook envy

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