Heating wood is popular.However, the correct preparation is science

Heating wood is popular.However, the correct preparation is science

Heating wood is popular.However, the correct preparation is science

What kind to choose?It's up to you, the offer is varied.For example, you can buy a prepared mix of hardwood logs such as oak, ash or maple, wood briquettes or packages for one or more floods.Another option is to buy freely sprinkled pieces whose transport will take care of yourself.It is true that the firewood you buy at the saw or specialized retailers is cheaper than hobbymarkets.

When purchasing, check the origin and quality.Wood must be dried primarily, which in soft species means drying for at least one to two years, and for hard time for up to four years.

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“For less dried wood, it is necessary to count on smoking, poorly burn and leaving oily soot that will settle in the chimney.Its calorific value will also be lower, as during combustion, the remaining moisture is released from the wood, which reduces the amount of heat, ”adds other potential problems David Irmann, expert on the garden technology of Bauhaus.

According to experts, the correct wood humidity, which should be below twenty percent, will bring you up to a quarter of the cost of heating costs.A more laborious but significantly cheaper option will be the preparation of the wood itself, but with sufficient time in advance.It is mined in spring or autumn and is prepared in summer so that at least the following year in winter can be used for heating.

You can buy wood in the forest in the form of residual and unused pieces of trunks and residues from cross -cuts.However, keep in mind that every forest is a private or state property, and it is therefore necessary to agree with the owner in advance.

First chain saw…

Wood from freshly loser trees sting much better than dried, so do not delay with processing.With gradual drying comes even higher hardness and when cutting or splitting you will unnecessarily release a lot of energy.In addition.

If you decide to process larger pieces of wood, such as logs or logs, directly in the forest, the more powerful gasoline chain saw will be the right helper.The advantage is its strength and also the possibility of replenishment of fuel, which you can bring in the canister with you.However, it is necessary to think about its continuous maintenance, especially chain and molding, filter replacement and fuel mixing.

There is probably no need to emphasize how dangerous a chain saw can be.However, in handy hands it serves perfectly.Check it thoroughly before each cut.View if some of its parts are released, especially the bar and chain.

Try to see if the safety brake works properly, add chain lubrication oil and check if the saw properly lubricates the bar and the chain.You will find this by briefly running a saw above the old newspaper page.If it erases correctly, from the chain at the tip will cut small drops of oil.

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When you work with the saw, never cut the top or the tip of the bar.Beware of biting the chain in cutting can occur back the saw.This will then be ejected up, usually a bar against your shoulder or head.Therefore, hold the device with both hands prescribed for both handles, and in the event of a return litter then the already mentioned safety brake prevents the already mentioned safety brake.

It is definitely worth protecting your eyes with glasses, or even better the whole face with a shield.Gasoline saws are very noisy, so hearing protectors are also important.Even high -quality gloves have their sense and it is definitely worthwhile even unscrupled pants and shoes.

A battery saw is sufficient for wood cutting near the house, which also has a number of advantages.Less weight offers more pleasant handling, does not interfere with your cable, the device makes less noise and is emission -free.Also maintenance is easier than the engine saw, as there is no need to mix fuel or regularly clean filters.During the year you can use the saw for other modifications in the garden.

To cut wood, get a quality goat to which the log is stable.Allows you to stand up to a stable and safe position while working.And you don't need anyone else to assist you and hold the cut wood.A really bad idea, on the other hand, is the cutting of wood that you freely put on the ground.You do not have such stability at work, you will be forced to cut dangerously with the tip of the saw, the wood will run away.

… Then ax, pants or splitter

After cutting comes physically the most demanding part - splitting.Ax or Kalač are the most traditional way some of which choose precisely because of physical exertion and mental rest.For easy and efficient work it is necessary to choose an ax that fits in your hand is not too long, is well balanced and has optimal weight.

It is good to focus on the material when choosing.The more modern laminate topory is more resistant and better ergonomically adapted compared to.The blade is in it, so there is no risk of falling out.

“To work with the ax will be needed a larger, properly dried hard wood block.It is necessary to be equal and stable, otherwise in the case of skidding there is a risk of injury and ax damage, ”explains David Irmann.The height of the block should be forty to sixty centimeters, with a diameter again at least forty centimeters.

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Supporters brisk and physically less demanding work reach for wood splitters.In addition to easy service, this helper can handle logs that would be necessary to cuneifically when hand splitting.Horizontal splitters move wood against a wedge that splits them.The disadvantage is that you operate the machine in forward bending on the ground, which can be very strenuous at longer work.Some horizontal splitters are therefore equipped with higher legs with wheels to operate more comfortably.

Topit dřevem je populární. Správná příprava je však věda

Tax for comfortable service is the need to lift the logs to a height.This type of splitters is suitable when you sometimes want to heat in a fireplace or fireplace and pinch shorter logs.In vertical splitters, the wedge moves from top to bottom against the table or base.Adjustable stop allows you to set the height to which the wedge is to be returned after the block split.

If you pinch shorter logs, you don't have to wait for the wedge to go down from the highest position and get back to it after work.By stopping you set the height of the wedge movement only to the required block length and the work goes much faster.Vertical splitters with the base on the ground can handle even larger and stronger logs with a length of one meter.You will therefore appreciate them when preparing the heating for large stoves and boilers.

When you look for the right splitter, also choose by the force it will have to release.On a log made of soft spruce wood with a diameter of about twenty -five centimeters with a length of up to forty centimeters you can do with a machine that has a split pressure of four tons.

If you want to pinch harder, such as beech wood, get a machine with a splitting pressure of seven or more tons."If you prepare firewood in larger quantities regularly, there is no point in the acquisition of cradle circular saws, the so -called circularies, with which the work will be better hand," recommends Petr Tichý, expert of the network of Hecht stores - garden specialist.

While splitters and cradle saws represent a larger initial investment, many people prefer them because of simple operating, greater safety and above all the speed with which the wood can be processed.

The certainty of a woodsman

Once the wood is processed to the correct size, it comes to the correct storage and drying up.Fresh wood has an average humidity of fifty percent.Thanks to the moisture meter, you can easily find the humidity to reach the desired twenty to ten percent.The wood loses the color of fresh sap and slightly gray after drying.

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There are several ways to store the logs, but it is not always possible to lie directly on the ground and should not be covered with a tarpaulin without the possibility of ventilation.The worst idea would be to cover the plastic.Molding will not wait long.Absolutely inappropriate place to store will be a closed garage or garden house.

For years proven and difficult to replace the storage manner is a solid woodsmaker in which you can fit the logs for two to three heating season.Divide the space directly into several sectors that you will add every year so that you can always drown wood and other sectors could dry the wood.The easiest way to prevent wood contact with wet ground is to put on the bottom of the woodshed, for example, old pallets.

When you create a woodworking structure from solid laths or boards, between which you leave the gaps, air and walls will flow freely, which is greatly indicated by the stored heating.Between a layer of wood and a wall should be a distance of about ten centimeters to allow air to circulate.Also, do not store each log on top of each other.

Another option is an open air shelter at the windward wall of the house where the sun shines during the day.Heating is at hand and at the same time increases the insulation of the house.However, it is necessary to count on a longer time of drying of wood because it is covered on one side.An alternative is also the folding of heating into the game.Here it is necessary to think of the correct support, distribution, ventilation and shelter.

What wood to choose?

Oak wood has a high calorific value and a long burning length.You should use it in combustion equipment that serves exclusively for heat production such as stoves.The disadvantage is the long time it needs to dry.Give him at least two years but rather more.

Beechwood is considered a classic fireplace.Burns with a nice flame and almost does not print so it is safe and does not make a clutter clink around the fireplace.In addition, it has an extremely high heating value and emits a pleasant scent in combustion.It is therefore no wonder that it is preferred for smoking food or grilling, and this corresponds to the higher price.It also needs more time to spin, two years is enough.Look at not to start rotting.

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Birch wood is also valued as a fireplace fuel.It has a high calorific value, sparks very little and burns blue and smells pleasantly due to the contained essential oils.Thanks to its white bark, which burns and wet, it is also extremely handsome and stacked on piles.Attention, even birch in moisture very quickly subject to destruction.A year to dry.

Spruce wood very easily burns but also burn very quickly.Its heating value is high, but the length of the burning.Do not use it if you have an open fireplace because it sparks very much, which is caused by closed unlucky bubbles.Spruce wood used to be relatively cost -effective compared to other wood species.Compared to the past, however, you will pay extra for firewood this year.

Toplar and willow are also suitable for heating.However, count on the low heating value and a short burning time.They are therefore not recommended as fuel woods, but they can be burn.Olše's wood is good for a firing.It catches very well and easily burns and is therefore suitable for combination with other types of fireplace wood.

Briquettes vs.pellets

There is no longer waiting for drying, they are spatially economical, you can heat them immediately and have a long burning time.This can briefly describe the pros of briquettes made of crushed wood, which then passes through drying and pressing into the desired brick, round or block shape.

If you decide to heated by briquettes, it is good to know that the desired calorific value can only be achieved at full air supply, then the briquettes will remain compact for the time of burning and glowing.Attention - when burning increases the volume, so the furnace cannot be filled to the brim.

Pellets are smaller moldings made of waste that arises during wood production.Pure spruce sawdust is the best for pellet production.Wood waste is crushed and at high pressure is compressed by special presses on pellets.The result is minor uniform rollers with a relatively high calorific value that depends on their quality and moisture.The average calorific value of wood pellets is around 16.5 MJ/kg.

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Just for comparison, dry wood from coniferous trees has a calorific value of around 19 MJ/kg, wood from deciduous trees 18 MJ/kg.When purchasing, it is good to look after the quality that manifests in the efficiency of heating.The clue is usually certificates.The highest quality are the wooden pellets of the ENPLUS category with resolution on A1, A2 and B.

However, to heat wood pellets, you must buy a pellet stove or a special automatic boiler.Ignition and stoking is automatic so there is no need to go to the boiler room often.

On the market you will also find models that clean themselves.The ash bringing you then awaits you only once to twice a month.There are even boilers with automatic unspenting that the interval will be prolonged.