The lawyer and economist received five years.According to the court, they turned the old man for the house

The lawyer and economist received five years.According to the court, they turned the old man for the house


One October day in 2017 came to the Prague cadastre a strongly upset old gentleman.He demanded one of the officials and kept repeating that he did not want to donate anything to anyone.

There was a difficult agreement with him, heard badly, and told one of the workers for almost an hour.

The clerk then rode his component and understood: A few days ago the old man got rid of his house at a nice Prague address - free of charge.He gave him, under quite suspicious conditions.

The story gradually got into the hands of the police and ended up in court this year.Two men - a young lawyer and his friend economist, left him with a strict penalty.According to the verdict of the ninety -two -year -old, sick owner of the house, they clearly deceived.They promised him to repair his dilapidated apartment building, and instead put his gift contract.

"They committed this conduct against a person of old age and with a lively intention," said Judge Jarmila Pavlánová from the Municipal Court in Prague.

Expert: Signature is fake

The owner of the house Josef Kutina was a wealthy man, but only on paper - although he had a lucrative unparalleled demands on the land, which his family had confiscated by the Communists, but did not try to monetize them.And he also belonged to the aforementioned house in Břevnov, but a dilapidated, formerly inhabited by homeless and addicts.

According to experts, the value of the house was around 11 million, but if someone repaired and sold individual apartments, it could earn up to tens of millions.

The childless Josef Kutina was very clinging to the house as a family property, for twenty years he sought to reconstruct him.At the same time, however, he lived very modestly and actually did not have free money for repairs.In this situation, he ordered a 19 -year -old engineer of economics Dmitry Štěnko and a year younger lawyer Jan Kratochvíl.

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The owner of the house was initially distrustful, but according to the court, they gradually managed to convince him - that they would repair the house and that they would get the house after a completed reconstruction.They signed a contract, but Josef Kutina soon found that the cadastre was going to rewrite the property to Štěnka with Kratochvíl under this contract.And began to protest.

The cadastre stopped the transfer, but shortly thereafter, he received a new modified contract and another transfer request that this time already complied.However, the owner of Kutin did not know about this - according to the indictment and the expert's opinion, his then signature on the contract was counterfeit.

According to the police, the lawyer Kratochvíl and the economist of Štěnko deceived, according to the police of the hearing owner of the house, although both disagreed with such a conclusion in court."In any case, I did not commit such human hyenism," Štoumenko protested in court."Mr. Kutina did not let anything speak and was not influenced, he wanted to decide on his property himself and always had a decisive word," Kratochvíl said.

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Josef Kutina died shortly after the police investigation started.According to experts, however, at the time of negotiations with the defendants for his age, he was mentally in order.Until old age he read professional magazines, and previously also wrote scientific books.And even though he was worse at the end of his life, he still knew what he was signing and how he wanted to deal with the house.

This, as a result, aggravated both defendants, because according to the court it was clear that he would not agree with the donation of a house to which he had a strong relationship.

Five years and a million fine

The defendants of Kratochvíl and Štěnka repeated in court that they really wanted to repair the Břevnov house.They claimed that they could get 20 million from various sources, such as families.According to the court, however, they never started reconstruction.

"They did not submit one evidence that before the conclusion of the contract, after the conclusion of the contract and to date, they have taken some real step to obtain the funds needed to correct the property," Judge Pavlánová noted.

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The contract also contained a passage according to which the defendants were supposed to deposit 15,000 per month for the passage of Kutin during the repair.And if he needed, Josef Kutina could use the money - but only under the listed conditions.For example, in "sudden health changes", "currency reform" or when "prices of daily use goods" increase.

The defendants Kratochvíl and Štěnkík, however, did not send the money to the book at first, it was found in the investigation that they started only when the police became interested in the case.

A kind of insurance that the house would be repaired should be in the contract paragraph, which said: When the house does not finish for three years, it will fall to the state.According to the court, however, it was an unenforceable condition - the state cannot pick up a private house just because there was a violation of such a contract.

"I understand it all looks suspicious," Kratochvíl admitted in court.

In addition to the five -year prison, Kratochvíl and Štěnkík also received every million fine.Both defendants appealed to the High Court in Prague.