Unexpected impact of pandemic: In the garden centers, gypsum dwarves came

Unexpected impact of pandemic: In the garden centers, gypsum dwarves came

"Unfortunately, we haven't seen the dwarf for six months," said Ian Byrne, who is the deputy head of the Horticultural Center in Whitminster in the southwest of England.Claims that trade has experienced a massive increase in the sale of garden men.This is related to the fact that many more people go to the store.According to Byrneo, there were 97 percent more people in March than in the same month last year.People for Pandemie Covidu-19 spend much more time in the garden than in the past.

The same situation is in hobbymarkets not only in England but also elsewhere in Europe.In order to satisfy demands, they were looking for suppliers for Europe and China.“Unfortunately, problems with materials and dwarves have become a victim of their lack.Gnome of any kind - plastic, stone or concrete - are scarce goods, ”said Byrne.

Nečekaný dopad pandemie: V zahradních centrech došli sádroví trpaslíci

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The Executive Director of the IAIN Garden Centers Association Wylie said that some of the goods and raw materials ordered from abroad were abstained because of problems in international trade after blocking the Suez canal.In it at the end of March, the Ever Given shipping ship bound for almost a week."Garden furniture, decorations, some of which can be dwarves, are in containers that (carriers) try to get here," Wylie said.

The BBC states that IKEA furniture chain and other retailers have recently announced that they are facing a lack of garden furniture.According to them, this is due to high demand and disruption of supplier chains.