Swimming at Ralska - Horydoly.cz - Outdoor Generation

Swimming at Ralska - Horydoly.cz - Outdoor Generation

Swimming at Ralska - Horydoly.cz - Outdoor Generation

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25.8.The southwest bank of the hammer on the lake is occupying fishermen.Bathing on small free beaches is no longer possible.10.7.The swimming pool in Stráž pod Ralskem is out of service until the beginning of September.12.5.A lift for water ski and wakeboarding on Horka is in operation.8.5.Krupský pond is overgrown again and forget to swim.

Do not forget swimwear and black glasses, but mainly sunscreen and repellent!

We bring an overview of ponds and swimming pools around Ralsko.

Bakov nad Jizerou - a former sandpit with a modified entrance to the water

Bělá below Bezdězem - an open -air city swimming pool

Břehyňský rybník - swim on the dam near the village of Břehyně, although the pond is a nature reserve called Pecopala

Lower Bukovina - open -air pool

Lower Krupá - Krupský pond

Dubá - swimming pool and camp Nedamov

Česká Lípa - swimming pool Dubice

Hamr on the lake - video+photo - renowned swimming pool is in the village, but you can also bathe on the other side, where the forest grows to the shore

Heřmanice - a swimming pool

Hradčany - access to the pond is from pubs on both banks

Jablonné v Podještědí - swimming pool

Monastery of Hradiště - open -air pool

Kundratice Spa - a public swimming pool

Macha Lake - The largest recreational pond in a long wide area offers several beaches

Mimon - a natural swimming pool

Bathing at Ralska - Horydoly.cz - Outdoor Generation

Mšeno - urban swimming pool

Mukařov - Fire reservoir on the square is in operation in July and the first half of August

Provodín - Forest sandpit near Cihelny is reachable on the cycle path from Provodin to Zahrádky on the right side

Guard under Ralskem - Tank Horka serves swimmers, but also water skiers

Guard - fire tank on the village square

Veselá - The arrival from Mnichovo Hradiště along the road to Veselá, between the last factories and the traffic sign Veselá will turn right to the entrance to the concrete room, in front of the door we descend the right on the dirt road

Zákupy - a public swimming pool

Indoor pools

Česká Lípa - Sportareal North

Guard under Ralskem - Panda swimming pool

Info: Regional Hygiene Station Liberec and Regional Hygiene Station of the Central Bohemian Region

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