Mahónie is for the garden Terno -

Mahónie is for the garden Terno -

Mahónie is for the garden Terno -

Mahónie je pro zahradu terno

The indecision of botanists caused Mahónie or Mahón, if you want, has two Latin generic names.Under the first - Mahonia - we know this evergreen shrub always.

However, those who pride themselves on the most modern genetic knowledge associated it to barbarians into the genus Berberis.Whatever it is, everyone will agree on one: Mahónie is amazing in all directions.

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Do not give the first impression

We will find it in virtually every horticulture.It is often tucked somewhere in the corner, from the pots stretches a few poorly leafed branches that are not advisable to touch because they pinch like sharpened needles.

Actually, she looks pretty badly and grossly, so few people give her a second glance.Only those who do not give the first impression get a faithful partner and a hard worker who one day, and it won't take long, shine in the garden like a rare jewel.

Which is which one?

Mahónie Cesmine -legged (Mahonia aquifolium) found a way to North America.Reaches a meter height in both directions.If he lives in well-being, he adds several tens of centimeters to good.If we cut it from time to time, thickens and grows out of it attractive chubby.

Mahónie je pro zahradu terno -

Glossy leaves with prickly edges are strikingly resembling in the Czech Republic - hence the generic name.In frost they run to bronze.Some of them fall off and release instead of dense tufts of fragrant flowers.The branches are so wrapped in April and May that they look like vanilla pudding.

Mahónie Japanese (m.Japanese) comes from China.Measures about 1.5 m in height and about a meter more in width.Dressed in a beautiful robbery of nearly half -meter of pinnate leaves.They are clustering on the giant rosettes on several floors.A complete architectural dream!

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Up to 25 cm long, slender grapes of lemon yellow flowers smelling of lily of the valley crown rosettes that are on the upright branches settled at the highest.When the shrub flashes, you will bloom in November.Sometimes we are surprised by the thaw in the winter when the leaves blush.At other times he waits to the March Sunshine.

Mahónie the middle (m.x Media) is a garden hybrid that is further divided into varieties, the most popular are called Charity and Winter Sun.She has inherited a lot from the parental mahone of the Japanese.

In adulthood, however, it exceeds it a bit, carries dull leaves and a deep colored inflorescence, whose appealing appearance is complemented by a sweet smell carried by the air.


Mahónie is synonymous with perseverance.Where they take root, it lasts for decades.Although it is frozen, which in the harsh winters becomes above all the more delicate mahons, just cut damaged branches, wounds quickly and the plant again picture.

Anyone who likes binding bouquets and wreath wreaths in which he willingly snaps behind the cesmine rejoices.As an evergreen plant is ideal for hedges and for the formation of backdrops for other plants.

Interestingly contrasts with airy grass, velvet of willow cats and red shoots Svíde.

Friends quickly find among conifers, heath, on the banks of waters, if they are not permanently waterlogged, even in the beds of tender flowers.

Trouble -free and useful

Thanks to the modest nature and durability, we can find use for Mahonia wherever many other plants would release the soul.Survives drought under trees, chládek at the northern wall, heat in the roof garden and drafts between houses.

If it is to be the most beautiful princess under the sun, so we do not give it much and offer a plump, humous, preferably mulled ground, into which we incorporate bone meal before planting before planting.

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In ideal conditions it creates clouds of flowers rich in nectar.Bees can not resist them.After pollination, it abounds in the generosity of blue juicy berries that are lauded in autumn and winter.These are also the main sowers of this beautiful and useful tree species.