How to plant already grown trees? You can bet all year round!

 How to plant already grown trees?  You can bet all year round!

How to plant already grown trees? You can bet all year round!

"Horticultural technology has come a long way in recent years, so we can plant mature trees basically all year round, except perhaps during the harsh winter," says gardener Stanislav Flek with a smile when asked when the time is best for planting, and then explains that trees are grown in special containers that have small air holes. These ensure proper root growth without deformation. "Roots are the most important thing for a tree. It's the mouth and feet that anchor him in the ground. "

According to the expert, all trees can be grown in containers, but most often we encounter trees that are interesting and attractive to growers, such as ornamental apple trees. We can usually come across small-crown trees, which are suitable for gardens and parks, such as round linden or columnar hornbeams. Larger trees that can be bought in professional horticulture are about five to ten years old, depending on the cultivar.

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The so-called trunk trees are intended for more modest growers. "They have the advantage that they are far more affordable than large trees, and in addition, there are a wide variety of cultivars, leaves of different colors or differently growing trees," says the garden expert.

If we are planting taller trees right now, in the summer, we must remember that we place them in the ground when there is a lot of sun, and the most important thing is therefore irrigation. "We should give those big trees about sixty to eighty liters of water once every ten days, and ten to fifteen liters for smaller ones," Mr. Flek recommends. "It doesn't hurt to plant a tree after planting for about three weeks." Planting smaller trees should be handled by any more skilled gardener.

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