Journey Heroes SNP / Journey of Heroes SNP - - Outdoor Generation

Journey Heroes SNP / Journey of Heroes SNP - - Outdoor Generation

Journey Heroes SNP / Journey of Heroes SNP - - Outdoor Generation

Hold the Slovak army, which ran and turned against the Germans from August to October 1944, and after its defeat passed to guerrilla fight, it gives the way of the heroes of the Slovak National Zvěřetania.

The road of Hrdinov SNP is a long -distance tourist route over most 750 kilometers and a total elevation of 30 kilometers.The usual length of the march with a backpack is less than a month.Is led after the red hiking trail from Dukla to Děvín.It is part of the European long-distance hiking route E-8.

The SNP journey passes throughout Slovakia from the Dukla Pass in the northeast to the Devín Castle in the southwest.


It is generally on the ridges and between the mountains, it passes through the adjoining saddles or through the side valley.

Dukla - Svidník - Bardejov - Veľký Šariš - Kysak - Košice - Štós Kúpele - Dobšinský Kopec - Telgárt - Kráľová Hoľa - Čertovica - Chopok - Donovaly - Kremnické Bane - Pod Vyšehradom - Čičmany - Trenčín - Javorina - Myjava - Pezinská Baba - Devín.

Detailed itinerary read here:

1.Dukla - Košice2.Košice - Donovaly3.Donovaly - Kykula4.Kykula - Bratislava

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Accommodation and meals

Trachádza route Cez city, where it will be given in retirement or hotel.The tactic of the route for the time of the vianer sir and gazebo, where it will give the benches on the mat on the mat on the ground.Hrebeňovky ponúkajú cozy and cottages.Stanovanie anywhere outside of the Súkromený land and a national park of the low Tatra is takmer every possible.

The route is cruel to Viaceré dedinky and the city, where it is supplemented with food supplies or hire in the rhostaurachiac.It is not necessary to do it and it is necessary to have the necessary carrier with you Varic and the variety of own supplies.

Cesta hrdinov SNP / Cesta hrdinů SNP - - Outdoor Generation

In the advertisement of the route sa nachadza viačero praňov, on which it is not necessary to spojihat, pretože in the period of Väčšieho drought can even dried.Generally with water and steel, however, nie is a problem.

Recommended equipment

Camping: STAN including pins and sticks, or at least tarp, sleeping bag, mat, backpack 50-60 l, headlamp, map, Trekou sticks fit.

Clothing and shoes: Functional underwear (2x T -shirt, 3x shorts or panties, sweatshirt, softshell, 3x socks, bra or top for women) waterproof jacket, waterproof pants, short pants, long trousers, ankle boots, shoes, sandals, capor scarf, shirt and underpants to sleep.

Food and drink: gas cooker, lighter or armchair, two -piece mess, spoon, knife, 2x bottle, can be useful saw.

Health: toothbrush, paste, mosquito, soap, small towel, sunscreen, dark glasses, first -aid kit, toilet paper.

Other: Outdoor mobile, charger, smart watch, power bank, camera, solar panel, money, insurance, credit card, documents, binoculars.

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